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16.06. (G) PTFE

PTFE Harteile und Späne ges...

PrA SO sonstige/egal - - Deutschland
PTFE virgin scraps 
14.06. (A) PTFE

PTFE virgin scraps

PrA SO natur 15 to - Türkei
All PTFE scrap, comes from free flow pressed powder virgin PTFE. (Dyneon, Hereflon, Inoflon...) All material is ptfe.clean, dry, no contamination and impurities. Ready to load about 30 ton, contains %60 swarf, %40 cut off sheets&pieces, gasket [Anzeigen]
10.06. (G) PTFE

PTFE Restposten Granulat-Mahlgut...

PrA SO sonstige/egal - - Deutschland
PTFE Aqueous dispersion for coating material 
29.05. (A) PTFE

PTFE Aqueous dispersion for coat...

OW FL weiß 7.900 kg 4,40 EUR China
China Orignal PTFE 60% aqueous dispersion emulsion DF301 DF302 for coating and impregnating materials [Anzeigen]
PTFE Molding powder medium particle for teflon sheet 
29.05. (A) PTFE

PTFE Molding powder medium parti...

OW PV weiß 7.900 kg 4,50 EUR China
Virgin PTFE powder molding powder medium particle size for teflon sheet [Anzeigen]
PTFE fine powder for tape 
29.05. (A) PTFE

PTFE fine powder for tape

OW PV weiß 7.900 kg 5,60 EUR China
China Original PTFE fine powder DF201/203 [Anzeigen]