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03.11. (G) Silikon

Silikon gesucht

PrA SO sonstige/egal - - Deutschland
01.11. (A) Silikon


PrA SO schwarz 30.000 kg 0,20 EUR Polen
Dear , I have 30tons silicon VMQ on my stock. We have reularly 10-15tons per 2 months. One full load truck has 8tons silicon VMQ. I send to you a photos, how looks like this silicon VMW and attached all od specyfication. What price can you offer ? [Anzeigen]
Silicone Polymer 
04.10. (A) Silikon

Silicone Polymer

RP BW schwarz 10 to 0,01 EUR Großbritannien
All black in strips baled clean production waste. 0.5 ton bales ready for collection 5 tonne minimum [Anzeigen]