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19.10. (G) TPU

TPU Mahlgut und Off Grade Granul...

PrA SO sonstige/egal 100 to - Deutschland
19.10. (G) PE-HD

HDPE Mahlgut von Kanister und vo...

PrA GR schwarz 100 to - Deutschland
Wie suchen ständing Mahlgüter: HDPE Mahlgut: Kanister / Blauen Fässer [Anzeigen]
HDPE, regranulate, black colour 
19.10. (A) PE-HD

HDPE, regranulate, black colour

PrA RG schwarz 100 kg - Polen
HDPE, regranulate, black colour, post production material from pipes PE100, quantity 100 tons per every month. [Anzeigen]
Moisture Absorber Masterbatch 
19.10. (A) Additiv

Moisture Absorber Masterbatch

AD GR weiß 24.000 kg - Polen
• contains 80% of active Calcium Oxide well dispersed in low density polyethylene (LDPE) • removes moisture and acidic impurities during the production using LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PA regrinds and regranulates • [Anzeigen]
19.10. (A) TPE

Bexloy GPV 63 B 5 NC010

RP GR natur 3.840 kg 4,58 EUR Deutschland
Bei Interesse melden Sie sich gerne bei uns. Ein Preisangebot erhalten Sie nach Anfrage. Für alle unsere Verkäufe gelten ausschließlich unsere Allgemeinen Verkaufs- und Lieferbedingungen, die Sie jederzeit unter [Anzeigen]
19.10. (A) PE-LD


SO BW transparent 1.100 to - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
PRODUCT: LDPE CLEAR POLYTUNNEL FILM BALED. QUALITY: LDPE POLYTUNNEL FILM that is used off the ground and is recovered by a machine that removes the film directly from the greenhouses, thereby reducing contact with the ground. Very clean; good yield. [Anzeigen]
19.10. (A) PA 6

PA 6 Recompound PALMID R6S GF35

SO RC schwarz 1.000 kg - Deutschland
19.10. (A) PMMA

PMMA Mahlgut Ex- Plexiglas 7N

SO MG transparent 1.156 kg - Deutschland
19.10. (A) PBT


OW PE natur 90 to - Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika
Product: PBT BASF Virgin Natural Unfilled Resin Quantity/Quality: 90 mt as follows: About 50 mt is 80 MFI (37 mt) 45 MFI (13 mt) About 40 mt is 25 MFI (27 mt) 9.5 MFI (13 mt) Packing: Original manufacturer packing with lot numbers Price: Please [Anzeigen]
18.10. (G) MABS

MABS natural

RC MG natur 22 to - Slowenien
We are regularly buying MABS natural regrind. Please send us your offers. [Anzeigen]
18.10. (G) ABS

ABS white and light grey

RC MG weiß 22 to - Slowenien
We are purchasing ABS white and light grey regrinds, injection grades, full trucks. Please send us your offers [Anzeigen]
18.10. (G) PVC

PVC rigid clear

RC MG sonstige/egal 22 to - Slowenien
We are regularly purchasing PVC rigid clear, in all forms. Regrind or as scrap. We can buy 100% pure material only [Anzeigen]
18.10. (G) PVC

PVC hard foamed

RC MG weiß 22 to - Slowenien
We are looking for PVC hard foamed regrind. White or light colours preferred. Please send us your offers. [Anzeigen]
18.10. (G) PEI


RC MG natur 22 to - Slowenien
We are looking for PEI natural unfilled, regrind. Or if bigger quantity also in scrap form. [Anzeigen]
18.10. (G) PES

PES Ultrason E2010

RC MG natur 22 to - Slowenien
We are looking for PES Ultrason E2010 regrind, in natural or black colour. Can take also with GF up to 20% (like E2010 G4). Please do not hasitate to contact us in case of any availability [Anzeigen]
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