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Glass granules 4-7mm 
10.04. (A) Sonstiges

Glass granules 4-7mm

RC MG natur 20 to - Türkei
transparent/painted/original [Anzeigen]
transparent filler masterbatch compatible with LDPE, HDPE, PP 
09.04. (A) Sonstiges

transparent filler masterbatch c...

AD GR natur 200 to - Polen
Eko-Filler N - transparent filler compatible with LDPE, HDPE, PP. It significantly REDUCES PRODUCTION COSTS while maintaining the mechanical properties and transparency of the final product (does not change the colour of the final product). Can be [Anzeigen]
06.04. (A) Sonstiges

SMMA (NAS® 30)

RC MG transparent 5.000 kg 1,50 EUR Deutschland
04.04. (A) Sonstiges

PVB foils for sale

PrA BW transparent 24 to 0,28 EUR Rumänien
Production waste of transparent PVB foils packed in bales or bulk,no iron parts in it or other foreign materials. [Anzeigen]
17.03. (A) Sonstiges

MARK CZ 2051

SO SO sonstige/egal 1.300 kg 3,65 EUR Deutschland
16.03. (A) Sonstiges


RC MG natur 5.200 kg 3,50 EUR Deutschland
IXEF®, 50 % GF, natur [Anzeigen]
13.03. (A) Sonstiges

PC/ASA, Bayblend® W 85 HI

OW GR schwarz 9.772 kg 1,80 EUR Deutschland
12.03. (A) Sonstiges

114251 - Mahlgut ex PAEK AvaSpir...

PrA MG natur 721 kg - Deutschland
12.03. (A) Sonstiges

117143 - Mahlgut ex ABFALL ABS/P...

PrA MG bunt 2.060 kg - Deutschland