Simple data transfer

Registered members of the KunststoffWeb Plastics Exchange can enter their material offers or searches for feedstocks conveniently, quickly and free of charge in various ways.

Raw material exchange data transfer

1. Single advertisement

The standard input method gives you complete freedom in describing your advertisements. You can not only enter basic information such as material group, title, description as well as price and volume, but also enter over 30 other technical specifications and information on origin, purpose and availability. To increase awareness, we also recommend that feedstock offers be enriched with images and PDF documents (e.g. data sheets, certificates of origin and test certificates).

The title and description of your advertisements are stored in two languages (English and German). As a special service, it is possible to have your texts automatically translated from into English into German (and vice versa) with one click.

We have introduced the so-called Info Score so that interested parties can immediately and clearly see the level of information quality of a material offerInfo Score. For each advertisement, it provides information in the form of one to five stars about the extent to which detailed information is available (more information on the Info Score). While you are placing a new advertisement, you will see the current Info Score at the top right growing dynamically the more information you enter.

Please note that entering the minimum information without further specifications and images only results in an Info Score of 20%, i.e., one star. In order to get the highest possible attention for your offers, you should aim for a high Info Score.

In the case of goods offered from recycling and waste processes, it is also possible to separately record up to three types of material as well as their respective proportions and colours. This means that material blends can also be optimally described.

In addition to one-off spot offers, the KunststoffWeb Plastics Exchange also gives you the option of offering continuously available  material volumes through one advertisement. You can specify whether the volumes offered are available monthly, quarterly or annually.

Advertisements can have a publication term ranging from one week to three months. You can also set up up to 10 repetitions. Your advertisement will automatically be placed again after the term has expired. Of course, you can terminate your advertisements at any time and thus remove them from the KunststoffWeb Plastics Exchange. You can restart deactivated advertisements at any time via your dashboard.

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2. Use templates

As soon as you have set up an advertisement, it can be saved as a template for further advertisements. The template data can be loaded with just one click when creating new advertisements.


3. Excel import

With the Excel import function, you can publish up to 200 advertisements at the same time. Enter your advertisement details and the desired duration into a specially prepared Excel template and upload them to the KunststoffWeb Plastics Exchange. All advertisements are published immediately.

Please note that only basic details are currently possible with the Excel import. However, you can edit your advertisements at any time after importing them and add further details.

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4. Connection to an ERP

Do you have a modern ERP system with an Internet connection and the capability to provide select data via an XML interface? In this case, after a prior technical check and for a one-time flat fee, it is possible to post your material offers in an automated way on the KunststoffWeb Plastics Exchange.

Your material offers are automatically synchronised twice a day with your ERP data, so that the correct inventory data is always available on the platform. In this way, you will automatically gain new buyers and customer contacts on a regular basis.

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