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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
19.10. (A) PA 6

Domamid 6 G50 UV1 BK Near to pri...

RP GR black 2 to - Germany
PA 6 GF 50 original Bags [Show]
LDPE-Fegeware/floor sweep 
27.07. (A) PE

LDPE-Fegeware/floor sweep

SO GR colored 20.00 kg - Germany
15.06. (A) ASA

ASA Luran S 778T Granulat schwar...

OW GR black 2,850 kg - Germany
ASA Luran S 778T Granulat schwarz Neuware Oktabin Original 1A OW [Show]
15.06. (A) PC/ABS

ABS/PC schwarz Bayblend T85 XF i...

OW GR black 5,700 kg - Germany
Detailed quantities also on our homepage under: We are a plastic processor and distributor. Our specialties include: Contract grinding, granulation, trading, purchase of plastics as parts, regrind or [Show]
15.06. (G) PP

PP Transparent

SO RG nature 80 to - Germany
PP NT Natural Copo MOSTEN XB 801 
15.06. (A) PP Copolymer

PP NT Natural Copo MOSTEN XB 801

OW PE nature 23,350 kg - Italy
15.06. (A) PP/EPDM

PP Neuware PP-Q

OW GR colored 4,101 kg - Germany
15.06. (A) PA 6

PA 6 Regranulat

SO RG black 5,248 kg - Germany
HDPE-Plattenware natur / weiß 
15.06. (A) HD-PE

HDPE-Plattenware natur / weiß

PrA SO nature 10 to 0.12 EUR Germany
Wir bieten an: ca. 8 - 10 to PE-HD-Plattenabschnitte und Reste, Rohre und Halbzeuge in natur / weiß. Mix aus PE100 - PE1000, Fehlwürfe z.B. von PA, POM und PP können nicht ausgeschlossen werden, Verpackung: Euro-Gitterboxen; andere [Show]
15.06. (A) PET


PrA SO transparent 15 to 0.20 EUR Italy
pet rolls waste production [Show]
15.06. (A) POM

POM 500 black

RP RG black 501 kg 2.10 EUR Austria
15.06. (A) ABS/PA

Gebablend P black opaque

RP CP black 950 kg 2.40 EUR Austria
15.06. (A) TPE


RP CP black 1,363 kg 2.60 EUR Austria
black, Shore D-hardness 45 [Show]
ABS Extrusion Regrind 
15.06. (G) ABS

ABS Extrusion Regrind

RC MG colored 200 to - Czech Republic
We are looking a regular supplier of ABS Extrusion Regrind. Any colors, any quantity. Please, send your kindly offers to: Mrs. Marketa Smiskova, Tel: +420 603 580 997, Mail: [Show]
PP, PP/EPDM, PP TD, PP GF, PP Netex, PP BigBags, PP foils 
15.06. (G) PP


RC MG colored 200 to - Czech Republic
We are looking a suppliers for materials in headline. Please send your offers to: Mr. Milan Kremr, Tel: +420 771 128 711, Mail: [Show]
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