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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
19.06. (A) other

BASF Styrolux 684D NATUR 1A OW G...

OW GR nature 75 kg - Germany
BASF Styrolux 684D NATUR 1A OW Granulat [Show]
19.06. (A) other

MARK CZ 2051

SO SO other 1,300 kg 3.65 EUR Germany
18.06. (A) Additive

Antioxidans Irganox 1076 FD

OW GR white 360 kg 4.80 EUR Germany
Resisdue Antioxidans, 20 kg bags [Show]
Sisan Masterbatch Grey GR-163825 
18.06. (A) Masterbatch

Sisan Masterbatch Grey GR-163825

OW PE grey 450 kg 5.60 EUR Germany
Residual Masterbatch Grey, Total Concentration: 54 %, Base Polymer: LDPE, Packing: 25 kg Valve closed bags [Show]
Sisan Masterbatch Brown KH-4886 
18.06. (A) Masterbatch

Sisan Masterbatch Brown KH-4886

OW PE brown 400 kg 5.35 EUR Germany
Residual Masterbatch Brown, Total Concentration: 50 %, Base Polymer: LDPE, Packing: 25 kg Valve closed bags [Show]
Biowert FlaxPP 
18.06. (A) NFC

Biowert FlaxPP

PrA GR nature 100 to 1.15 EUR Germany
fiber-reinforced compound, contents 50% flaxfiber, 50% PP, suitalbe for injection molding, light, dimensionally stable and temperature resistant, excellent abrasion resistance, high printability [Show]
Eko-Filler N - transparent filler masterbatch 
18.06. (A) Masterbatch

Eko-Filler N - transparent fille...

AD GR nature 20,000 kg - Poland
Eko-Filler N is a transparent filler masterbatch. Eko-Filler N contains 80% of transparent inorganic salts well dispersed in metallocene linear low density polyethylene (m-LLDPE, LLDPE-C6) and additives which improve processing. Eko-Filler N is [Show]
Moisture Absorber Masterbatch 
18.06. (A) Additive

Moisture Absorber Masterbatch

AD GR white 24,000 kg - Poland
• contains 80% of active Calcium Oxide well dispersed in low density polyethylene (LDPE) • removes moisture and acidic impurities during the production using LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PA regrinds and regranulates • [Show]
18.06. (G) PB

Ultradur B 4406 G6 natural/white

OW GR nature 1,000 kg - Germany
We search for Ultradur B 4406 G6 natural or white. [Show]
Moisture absorber, desiccant. 
18.06. (A) Additive

Moisture absorber, desiccant.

AD PE white 1,000 to - Poland
Highly concentrated moisture absorber masterbatch. Removes moisture and acidic impurities, prevents gassification of plastics, dosing: only 1-2%, very efficient. Also for very thin films (10 microns), small, white granules. Ongoing availability. [Show]
Kunststoff-Paletten + Boxen 
17.06. (A) other

Kunststoff-Paletten + Boxen

UB SO other 40 kg - Germany
Kunststoff-Paletten + Boxen [Show]
PUR Schaumstoff-Flocken 
17.06. (A) PUR

PUR Schaumstoff-Flocken

PrA SO other 1,000 kg - Germany
PUR Schaumstoff Flocken aus HR Schaum Matratzenqualität RG 45. Geflockt in 12-20 mm Größe abgepackt in 200 Liter PE Säcken [Show]
17.06. (G) other

Looking for plastic scraps

SO SO other - - Austria
For our own production we are looking for plastic scraps. ABS,PS,PP,PE,PC,PA,POM,PVC,PET,.... parts, sheets, injection, boxes, palettes,... Also bales are possible. Mainly we are looking for post production scraps but also for used boxes, [Show]
15.06. (G) other

Regind and Granules Stocklots wa...

RP GR other - - Germany
From all Polymers [Show]
14.06. (A) other


RC MG nature 5,200 kg 3.50 EUR Germany
IXEF®, 50 % GF, natur [Show]
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