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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
12.03. (G) PA

PA stocklots regind-granules wanted

SO SO other - - Germany
PA stocklots wanted [Show]
09.03. (G) PA

Plastic Injection Parts with Met...

PrA SO other - - Germany
Regular purchase if seperated. Interesting prices! [Show]
27.03. (G) PA

PA 6 ⁄ PA6.6 Fasern und Ga...

PrA SO other - - Germany
19.03. (A) PA

PA, ex Ultramid® B3 GK24

RC MG black 10,500 kg 1.00 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
06.04. (G) PA

PA OFF GRADE granules//regrind f...

PrA GR other 100 to - Germany
PA6, Pa 66 and PA 4.6 [Show]
26.03. (G) PA

Kunststoff Teile mit Metall Cupf...

PrA SO black 100 to - Germany
Wir sind dauerhaft auf der suche nach Kunststoffen mit Metall . [Show]
16.03. (A) PA

Durethan BC 550 Z DUSXBL 900116

RP GR black 250 kg 2.00 EUR Germany
16.03. (A) PA


RP GR black 1,500 kg 2.00 EUR Germany
27.02. (A) PA

Grivory HT1V-4 HY, PA 6T/6I regr...

RC MG black 1,330 kg 0.45 EUR Germany
Article-No: 11-44-21-6-65 Material: PA 6T/6I Form: regrind Description: Grivory HT1V-4 HY Colour: black Type: recyclate Packaging: octabin Amount: 1330kg Price (EXW): 0,45 /kg ------------------------------------------------------------- We have [Show]
27.02. (A) PA

Grivory HTV-6H1, PA 6T/6I natura...

RC MG nature 3,377 kg 0.55 EUR Germany
Article-No: 11-44-37-6-432 Material: PA 6T/6I Form: regrind Description: Grivory HTV-6H1 Colour: nature (slightly colored) Type: recyclate Packaging: octabin Amount: 3377kg Price (EXW): 0,55 €/kg [Show]
27.02. (A) PA

Ultramid T KR 4350, PA 6T/6 regr...

RC MG nature 270 kg 0.60 EUR Germany
Article-No: 29-44-17-6-557 Material: PA 6T/6 Form: regrind Description: Ultramid T KR 4350 Colour: natural Type: recyclate Packaging: octabin Amount: 270 kg Price (EXW): 0,55 €/kg ------------------------------------------------------------- We [Show]
21.03. (A) PA 10.10

PA 10.10, Vestamid® Terra DS 18

OW GR nature 1 to 3.00 EUR Germany
Die Preisangaben verstehen sich grundsätzlich freibleibend bis zur Abschlussverhandlung einer Bestellung. Mahlgut, Regranulat, Abfälle und ggfs. auch Neuware, welche mit Handelsnamen versehen sind, stimmen in ihren technischen Werten nicht [Show]
03.04. (G) PA 11

PA 11 Mahlgut

PrA MG other - - Germany
04.03. (G) PA 11

PA11 scraps, rejects, regrind, p...

UB SO other - - Switzerland
extrusion grade, in all colours [Show]
03.04. (G) PA 12

PA 12 Mahlgut

PrA MG other - - Germany
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