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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
22.05. (G) HD-PE

Gesuch: PE-Produktionsabfälle

PrA SO colored - - Germany
wir suchen HDPE und LDPE-Materialien:Anfahrbrocken, Platten, Rohre, Profile, Angüsse, Spritzgussteile, ... [Show]
04.05. (G) HD-PE

PE-HD stocklots wanted

SO SO other - - Germany
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Angebote mit Preis- und Mengenangabe. Für Rückfragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung. [Show]
HDPE-Plattenware (PE100), natur 
11.05. (A) HD-PE

HDPE-Plattenware (PE100), natur

PrA SO nature 3 to 0.40 EUR Germany
wir bieten an: PE100-Plattenware, -abschnitte, -Reststücke, natur (weiß), in Gitterboxen, Einweggebinden und auf Paletten [Show]
HDPE-Plattenware (PE300), bunt und schwarz 
11.05. (A) HD-PE

HDPE-Plattenware (PE300), bunt u...

PrA SO colored 4 to 0.35 EUR Germany
wir bieten an: PE300-Plattenware, -abschnitte, -Reststücke, bunt und schwarz, in Gitterboxen, Einweggebinden und auf Paletten [Show]
29.05. (A) HD-PE

HDPE regrind mix ex bottle caps

PCA SO other 24 to 0.10 EUR Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten regelmssige Menen von Mahlgut ex Falschenkappen, mix Ware exw Lager in Wrocław erhältlich. PP um ca 3%, spuren von PET möglich. Aktuleller Bestand, Preis, Verkaus und Lieferbedingungen - noch zu vereinbaren Nehmen Sie# [Show]
06.05. (G) HD-PE

HDPE film

PrA SO other - - Poland
We are looking for production waste of HDPE films in clear or bright color. The material should be imprintsfree or have 40% of imprints or less. It would be much appreciated if the material had thickness about 40 microns. Please send us your offers [Show]
18.05. (G) HD-PE

Industrial waste of HDPE

PrA SO other 20 to - Poland
We are interested in regular purchase of industrial waste of HDPE bottles from cosmetics production. Please send us pictures, all informations and your price expectations on our mail. [Show]
18.05. (G) HD-PE

PE-HD film

PrA SO other 20 to - Poland
A recycling company is interested in purchasing of sorter production/industrial waste of HD-PE film in clear transparent colour. The material can have imprints (without red or blue colours). We guarantee good prices. Please, send us your offers with [Show]
HDPE Reg grey MFR 0,4-0,7 
27.05. (A) HD-PE

HDPE Reg grey MFR 0,4-0,7

UB RG grey 50 to - Germany
HDPE Regranulate Black 
21.04. (A) HD-PE

HDPE Regranulate Black

RC RG black 20 to - Germany
Produced from clean post-industrial bottle caps. Ca. 90% HDPE, ca. 10% PP. MFI 5-6 (230°C / 2.16 kg) Please contact us for further details and delivered pricing. [Show]
03.03. (A) HD-PE

PE-HD Regranulat Cypol PE HI WS UV

SO RG black 800 kg - Germany
24.05. (A) HD-PE

HDPE regranulat black extrusion

SO RG black 15,000 kg 0.10 EUR Poland
We also offer regular quantities of HDPE regranulate black extrusion, suitable for the production of pipes and plates. Approx. 12 t available per month. Current stock, Prices, delivery and sales conditions - to be agreed [Show]
HDPE Granulat 
25.05. (A) HD-PE

HDPE Granulat

RC RG black 30 to 630.00 EUR Poland
Libe Geschaftskunde, wir verkaufen HDPE Granulat von Autotank und von Rohren 630Euro/T Autotank MFI 0,3-0,45/10min(Untersuchung mit 5kg Beschwerung, Sieb 120, Dichte 0,94) Rohren MFI 0,5-0,6g/10min/Sieb 80/Dichte 0,94 Wir bieten jeder Monat 400t [Show]
19.05. (G) HD-PE

HDPE pellets for pipe production

PrA RG black 100 to - Germany
we are looking for HDPE resin black for production of pipes, PE 80, PE 100. Extrusion quality, MFI appr. 0,3-0,6 (190°C/5 kg), density approx. 0,948 - 0,958 g/cm³, free from external materials/pollutions. Material should be available [Show]
PEHD Re-granulate 
25.05. (A) HD-PE

PEHD Re-granulate

RC RG black 20 to - Poland
PE-HD regranulate ex clean production waste - free from any contaminations and other substances - MFR 0,4 - black colour - 1 truck / month -pictures and samples for request [Show]
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