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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
18.06. (A) PET

PET Rynite® GW520 CS NC010

OW SO nature 0.10 to 1.00 EUR Germany
Die Preisangaben verstehen sich grundsätzlich freibleibend bis zur Abschlussverhandlung einer Bestellung. Mahlgut, Regranulat, Abfälle und ggfs. auch Neuware, welche mit Handelsnamen versehen sind, stimmen in ihren technischen Werten nicht [Show]
25.06. (G) PET

PET Röntgen-Filme

SO SO other - - Germany
nicht entsilbert [Show]
PET/PE Rolls transparent 
19.06. (A) PET

PET/PE Rolls transparent

PrA SO transparent 21 to - Germany
PET/PE Rollen transparent Menge: 21 Tonnen [Show]
24.06. (G) PET


PrA SO other - - Poland
Wir sind am regelmässigen Einkauf von PET Preforms interessiert. Wir kaufen PET Preforms in allen möglichen Farben und in jeder Menge. Wir kaufen nicht nur saubere PET Preforms, aber auch die verölten und schmutzigen. Bitte schicken [Show]
28.06. (G) A-PET


PrA SO transparent 200 to - Germany
Suche bis 200 Tonnen Monatlich- [Show]
06.06. (G) PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO other 200 to - Poland
The recycler operating on the plastics market since 2009 will purchase any amount of post-production waste of PET preforms and PET bottles. We are interested in all colors. We have all the necessary permits related to waste management. We guarantee [Show]
25.05. (G) A-PET

A-PET/Polyester Production waste

PrA SO other 300 to - Germany
We are looking for A-PET / polyester production waste in form of: fibers, filaments, nonwovens, films, preforms, flakes, regrinds, regranulates. Preferably in white, black, nature / clear, colorful. Assumption in bales, big bags and rolls possible. [Show]
APET mono food safe 
06.06. (A) A-PET

APET mono food safe

PrA SO transparent 20 to 1.15 EUR Germany
The approach rollers have a width of 1,000-1,500 mm and weigh between 500 and 1,500 kg. Material APET mono, food safe. [Show]
26.06. (G) PET

PET film on rolls - 12/23mic. tr...

OW SO transparent 20 to - Netherlands
A/B grade [Show]
PET Brocken hellgrün, lose und in Big Bags 
06.07. (A) PET

PET Brocken hellgrün, lose ...

PrA SO green 150 to - Germany
PET Extrusion Lumps Bottle Grade No other Plastic contamination belong 150 to available EXW Anwterpen Break Bulk Loading or Big Bag cont Loading Possible Pls contact : Mr Ngu for further question [Show]
PET bottles & preforms 
11.07. (G) A-PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO other 20 to - Poland
We are still looking for production waste of PET bottles and preforms. Please send only offers of production waste. Please do not offer post consumer waste. [Show]
PET rolls 
12.07. (A) PET

PET rolls

SO SO translucent 40 to - Belgium
PET rolls, translucent, 150 cm wide approx. 400 - 500 kg / roll 40 to 60 To. / Month Postal industry Inquiry please by email [Show]
12.07. (A) PET


SO SO green 120 to - Belgium
sell preform color green Contact for request: [Show]
09.07. (A) PET

Rynite FR530L, PET regranulate n...

RC RG nature 725 kg 0.35 EUR Germany
Article-No: 52-70-17-6-446 Material: PET Form: regranulate Colour: natural Type: production waste Description: Rynite FR530L Packaging: octabin Amount: 725kg Price (EXW): 0,35€/kg ------------------------------------------------------------- We [Show]
07.07. (A) G-PET

PET-G Regranulat

SO RG transparent 213 kg - Germany
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