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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Recompound PALPROP PH15 T30

SO RC nature 620 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Recompound PALPROP RH05 GF30

SO RC nature 3,611 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Recompound PALPROP RH15 GF20

SO RC black 209 kg - Germany
02.10. (G) PP glass r...

PP Mahlgut mit max. 30 % GF gesucht

SO MG other - - Germany
regelmäßige und konstante Übernahe möglich auch größere Mengen [Show]
PP GF0-30 bunt (für schwarz) Mahlgut 
06.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP GF0-30 bunt (für schwarz...

PrA MG colored 8,000 kg - Germany
Regrind from clean production waste (1st processing, only new goods in use) Free of foreign substances such as Wood, paper, metal etc. Clean and dry. Dusted, demetallized and screened. We would be happy to send you more pictures and / or a sample. [Show]
24.02. (A) PP glass r...

PP Eco Meplen IC FC 25

PrA MG other 10 to 0.42 EUR Slovenia
We have 3 colours separated - blue, pink, white. [Show]
PP-GF20%, ALBIS Altech 
30.09. (A) PP glass r...

PP-GF20%, ALBIS Altech

PrA MG black 22 to 0.45 EUR Slovakia
Material: PP-GF, 20% (injection moulding) Photos: attached Datasheet: attached Samples: available Colours: black Form: regrind Production: automotive, electro Ex: parts Origin: post production Contamination: no, 1st quality Quantity: 20tons/warehouse [Show]
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Neuware P4C5N - 046

OW GR nature 467 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Neuware Polyflam RPP 374ND

OW GR grey 605 kg - Germany
07.09. (A) PP glass r...

PP GF 30%

PrA GR black - - Czech Republic
We offer PP GF30% pellets black as a substitution for HOSTACOM G3 N01 ( successfully tested in automotive), regular production. [Show]