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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
19.06. (G) PP

PP-stocklots regind-granules wanted

SO SO other - - Germany
PP stocklots wanted [Show]
30.06. (G) PP

PP Mahlgut gesucht

PrA MG other - - Germany
regelmäßige und konstante Übernahe möglich auch größere Mengen [Show]
21.06. (G) PP

Gesuch: PP-Produktionsabfälle

PrA SO colored - - Germany
wir suchen PP-Materialien:Anfahrbrocken, Platten, Rohre, Profile, Angüsse, Spritzgussteile, ... [Show]
27.06. (G) PP

PP Rollen mit und ohne Druck ges...

PrA SO other - - Germany
27.06. (G) PP

PP Nonwoven gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
22.06. (G) PP

Production waste of PP foils

PrA SO other - - Poland
We are constantly looking for production waste of PP foils on Rolls or in bales. Please send us your offers with pictures, warehouse address, price ex works to [Show]
22.10. (A) PP

Freie Kapazität Lohnmahlung

PrA SO other - - Germany
Wir zerkleinern und vermahlen Anfahrbrocken (verschiedener Materialien) in verschiedener Korngrößen von 08-14 mm. [Show]
23.10. (A) PP

Freie Kapazität Lohnmahlung

PrA SO other - - Germany
Wir zerkleinern und vermahlen Anfahrbrocken (PP, PE, PS, ABS) in verschiedener Korngrößen von 08-14 mm. [Show]
10.12. (G) PP

PP repro pellets

RC GR black - 0.50 EUR Germany
We are looking for PP repro pellets: MFI: min. 10, Charpy notched impact: min. 10. if available, pls send us your offer with photos, TDS. mein Email: b rgds. [Show]
New plastic pallets 1005x1005mm 
01.07. (A) PP

New plastic pallets 1005x1005mm

SO SO other - - Germany
New plastic pallets for sale. colour: blue and anthracite quantity: ca. 250 - 500 piece price: agreement Location: D-67547 Worms [Show]
PP innovative graphite compounds 
10.07. (A) PP

PP innovative graphite compounds

OW GR black - - Lithuania
Innovative plastic compounds production We offer you PP GR ( graphite compound ) High resistance to mechanics, heat, cold, water, humidity. Long life technology. If you want to produce competitive products then our composites are for you. Our company [Show]
15.06. (G) PP

sPP granules virgin material

OW GR nature - - Germany
Looking for sPP granule virgin material for fiber production Natural color MFI 50 – 100 g/10 min Tensile yield stress ca. ≥ 33 Mpa Charpy impact strength ca. ≥ 2.1 kJ/M3 flexural modulus ca. ≥ 1600 Mpa [Show]
PP sheets (various colours) 
29.06. (A) PP

PP sheets (various colours)

OW SO other - - Russian Federation
High quality PP sheets directly from the manufacturer Plastmass Group in Russia (Moscow). We offer the sheets in various thicknesses and dimensions. If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by phone or email. [Show]
20.06. (A) PP

Mafill CR XT6341

OW GR other 15 kg - Germany
PP [Show]
11.10. (A) PP

RAU-EMP 6410 RAL 7040 fenstergrau

RP GR grey 37 kg 3.01 EUR Germany
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