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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
Carbot Carbon Black Elftex 570 - 2 €/kg to pick up 
28.05. (A) Carbon black

Carbot Carbon Black Elftex 570 -...

- - Germany
120 kg [Show]
16.06. (G) other

Regind and Granules Stocklots wa...

RP GR other - - Germany
From all Polymers [Show]
13.06. (G) other

Granulat-Restposten gesucht

RP GR other - - Germany
10.06. (G) PS/Alu

PS-ALU gesucht

PrA BW other - - Germany
30.05. (G) Silicone

Silikon gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
Surlyn 6 pallets unscheduled 
22.05. (A) other

Surlyn 6 pallets unscheduled

PrA SO transparent - - Germany
Residues of injection moldings [Show]
22.05. (A) Duromer/resin


RP SO colored - - Germany
production residues 3 Octabin [Show]
03.05. (G) PUR

PUR Foam

SO SO other - - Germany
We are looking for ether -Ester foam special items, beginning and end blocks, transition blocks, blocks with cracks, block discs etc. Volume weight and quality. Looking for these regions :Germany, Austria, Benelux Please offer everything! [Show]
28.05. (A) other

ASA regrinded

SO MG black - - Germany
We offer Sub unsold: ASA regrinded, black ex Luran S778T Quantity: abt. 18 t Details upon request [Show]
We are searching for production waste 
19.06. (G) other

We are searching for production ...

PrA SO other - - Germany
For our processing we are looking for the following production waste: raw materials • PP, PE-HD, PE-LD • PC, PC / ABS, PMMA, PS, ABS • PA66, PA6 unreinforced both reinforced without FR Form of raw materials • Parts, Runners, [Show]
17.06. (A) Masterbatch

POM-Masterbatch Schwarz

OW MV black 25 kg 8.00 EUR Germany
FB 1680 POM-Masterbatch Schwarz Träger: POM Pigment: 15% Carbon Black Lichtechtheit: 8 Temperaturb.: 220°C BfR-Zulassung: Ja EUR 8,00/kg ab 25 kg frei Haus Deutschland Verpackung:__Säcke 25kg) Lieferung:____frei Haus Deutschland [Show]
11.10. (A) PUR

Elastollan C 90 A 55 000

OW GR black 25 kg 7.90 EUR Germany
11.10. (A) PUR

Elastollan C 90 A 55 000

OW GR black 25 kg 7.90 EUR Germany
22.05. (A) Masterbatch

PET-Masterbatch Black 30% Carbon...

OW MV black 25 kg 4.50 EUR Germany
FB 1690 PET-Masterbatch Black 30% Carbon Black Carrrier: PET Pigment: 30% Carbon Black Web: Mail: [Show]
24.04. (A) Additive

HecoFlam 581 PE - flame retardan...

AD GR translucent 48 kg 11.00 EUR Germany
For flame-retardant equipment (B1 and B2) from EPE- u. EPP and PE and PP films, extrusion, blown and injection molded articles. [Show]
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