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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
22.01. (G) PEI


RC MG nature 22 to - Slovenia
We are looking for PEI natural unfilled, regrind. Or if bigger quantity also in scrap form. [Show]
22.01. (G) PES

PES Ultrason E2010

RC MG nature 22 to - Slovenia
We are looking for PES Ultrason E2010 regrind, in natural or black colour. Can take also with GF up to 20% (like E2010 G4). Please do not hasitate to contact us in case of any availability [Show]
04.01. (G) PSU

PSU Mahlgut ohne GF gesucht

PrA MG other 20 to - Germany
06.01. (G) PVB

PVB production waste material wa...

PrA SO other 20 to - Germany
25.01. (G) PAN

PAN fibre

RP SO nature 20 to 0.90 EUR Germany
I am looking for PAN fibre acrylic fibre. If avaialble, pls send me your offer with photos, quantity, packing. mein Email: [Show]
26.01. (G) PEEK

Victrex Peek regind regular wanted

PrA MG nature 10 to - Germany
PEEK 150G oder 150 glass filled gerne auch 150GL10, 150GL20 oder 150GL30. [Show]
03.01. (G) PES

PES Ultrason wanted

PrA MG other 10 to - Germany
mostly: Ultrason E2010 natural Ultrason E2010 [Show]
11.12. (G) PEEK

PEEK ex Victrex 450G 903 sw

PrA MG other 5,000 kg - Germany
08.01. (G) PEEK

MG ex PEEK Victrex 450 CA 30

PrA MG black 5,000 kg - Germany
Regrind [Show]
06.01. (G) PEEK

Victrex 450 FC30 natural

PrA MG red 2 to - Germany
11.12. (G) PEEK

MG ex PEEK Victrex 450 CA 30 und 40

PrA MG black 2,000 kg - Germany
21.01. (G) PEEK

PEEK ex Victrex 450FC sw

PrA MG black 2,000 kg - Germany
Please offer a quantity of 1000 kg or more [Show]
17.01. (G) PEI

PEI Mahlgut natur, unverstä...

PrA MG nature 500 kg - Germany
Suchen PEI Mahlgut natur, unverstärkt, MVR. ca. 20 [Show]
12.01. (G) PPS

PPS regrind wanted

PrA MG other - - Germany
Ryton: R7 und BR 111 Forton 1140 [Show]
06.01. (G) PEEK

PEEK gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
Bitte alles anbieten.Vor allem gesucht:PEEK 450 G NaturalPEEK 150GL30PEEK CA30PEEK 90GL30 [Show]
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