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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
HDPE, regrind, WHITE 
21.09. (A) HD-PE

HDPE, regrind, WHITE

PrA MG white 20,000 kg - Poland
HDPE, regrind, colour: WHITE, extrusion, very high quality, 20 tons/month, repeatable material. Made from production waste. We can send a sample on request. [Show]
White HDPE Tote Regrind 
26.09. (A) HD-PE

White HDPE Tote Regrind

RC MG white 150 to 0.73 EUR United States of America
Hot washed, blow mold regrind from IBC totes, origin is the USA. About 150 tons produced per month. [Show]
12.08. (G) HD-PE

Production waste of HDPE foils

PrA SO transparent - - Poland
We are constantly looking for production waste of HDPE foils on rolls or baled. Please send your offers with pictures, warehouse address, price ex works to [Show]
11.10. (A) HD-PE

PE-HD Einlagebeutel transparent

RP SO transparent 9,346 kg - Switzerland
PE-HD Einlagebeutel transparent 350 / 330 x 900 x 0,013 mm 1 Rolle à 20 Beutel 1 Karton à 20 Rollen Total Netto 9’346 kg, 26 Paletten mit 619‘600 Beutel [Show]
29.09. (G) HD-PE

HDPE regrind wanted (Injection+E...

SO MG other - - Germany
07.10. (G) HD-PE

PE-HD stocklots wanted

SO SO other - - Germany
Wir freuen uns auf Ihre Angebote mit Preis- und Mengenangabe. Für Rückfragen stehen wir Ihnen gerne zur Verfügung. [Show]
26.08. (G) HD-PE

Produktionsabfall von HDPE

PrA SO other - - Poland
Wir sind am regelmässigen Einkauf von Produktionsabfälle der HDPE-Folie interessiert. Wir kaufen HDPE - Folie in jeder Menge, am besten in Rollen. Bitte schicken Sie uns Ihre Angebote mit: -Bildern -Menge/Monat -Gewicht/LKW -Ort der [Show]
10.10. (G) HD-PE

PE-HD foils

PrA SO other 100 to - Poland
A recycling company is interested in purchasing of sorter production waste of HD-PE foils. We guarantee good prices. We can pay cash or in prepayment. We have our own transport. [Show]
HDPE bottles 
01.10. (G) HD-PE

HDPE bottles

SO BW other - - Poland
As one of the largest recycling centers in Poland, we are constantly on the lookout for raw materials. We are currently looking for HDPE bottles. Please send us photos for price calculation. [Show]
HDPE barrels / IBC 
08.10. (G) HD-PE

HDPE barrels / IBC

UB BW other - - Poland
As one of the largest recycling centers in Poland, we are constantly on the lookout for raw materials. At the moment we are increasingly looking for HDPE drums / IBC milled or as bales. Please send us photos, loading weight and an asking price. [Show]
HDPE waste bins 
13.10. (G) HD-PE

HDPE waste bins

PCA BW other 50 to - Poland
looking for HDPE waste bins (trash bins) [Show]
PE-Mahlgut aus Paletten, schwarz 
25.09. (A) HD-PE

PE-Mahlgut aus Paletten, schwarz

RC MG black 23,000 kg 0.42 EUR Germany
PE-Mahlgut schwarz aus einheitlichen Paletten, keine DSD-Qualität, PP-Anteil ca. 10-30 %, MFI ca. 2-2,5 (190/2,16 kg), ca. 4 % Glührückstand, 22 BigBags, laufend verfügbar in gleicher Qualität [Show]
Verkaufe PE HD Granulat Schwarz 
09.09. (A) HD-PE

Verkaufe PE HD Granulat Schwarz

RC GR black 50 to - Poland
Laufende Produktion, Lieferung moglich [Show]
PEHD Regranulate 
23.09. (A) HD-PE

PEHD Regranulate

RC RG black 20 to 0.80 EUR Poland
PE-HD regranulate ex clean production waste - free from any contaminations and other substances - MFR 0,6-0,8 - black colour - 1 truck / month -pictures and samples for request [Show]
04.10. (A) HD-PE

PE-HD regranulate

RC RG black 23.80 to - Poland
Available quantity: 23,8 t Quantity per month: 22 t Color: black Filtration: 125 microne Made from clean post production waste on extruder with double degassing [Show]
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