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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
24.08. (G) LLD-PE

PE-LLD - MFR 3-9 / Densitiy: 935...

PrA SO other - - Austria
We are regularly looking for material from a production LLDPE with one MFR: from 3-9 and density 935-945 kg/m³. [Show]
17.09. (A) PPA

ex Amodel AS-1145 HS BK324

OW MG black 13 to 0.40 EUR Austria
Grist comes from the sprue of a component from the automotive industry. The material was only processed once. [Show]
Hostaform C9021sw 14 (POM) Mahlgut 
02.09. (A) POM

Hostaform C9021sw 14 (POM) Mahlgut

OW MG black 10,118 kg - Austria
Hostaform C9021sw 14 POM)Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PET

Arnite AV 2 390 natur Mahlgut

OW MG nature 2,464 kg - Austria
Arnite AV 2 390 natur Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PA 6.6

Frianyl A63 V0GV25 grau/grü...

OW MG colored 15,194 kg - Austria
Frianyl A63 V0GV25 grau/grün (PA) Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PBT

Lubricomp WFL-4036 natur (PBT) M...

OW MG nature 1,314 kg - Austria
Lubricomp WFL-4036 natur (PBT) Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PA 4.6

Stanyl TW 241 (PA4.6) Mahlgut

OW MG black 3,582 kg - Austria
Stanyl TW 241 (PA4.6) Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PA

Ultramid KR4450 grau (PA) Mahlgut

OW MG grey 1,220 kg - Austria
Ultramid KR4450 grau (PA) Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PA 6

Ultramid C3UG4 (PA666) Mahlgut

OW MG grey 16,592 kg - Austria
Ultramid C3UG4 (PA666) Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PS

Polystyrol/Styron (PS) mit Flamm...

OW MG white 2,400 kg - Austria
Polystyrol/Styron (PS) mit Flammschutz Mahlgut [Show]
02.09. (A) PA

Ultramid KR4450 grau (PA) Anguss...

OW SO grey 3,500 kg - Austria
Ultramid KR4450 grau (PA) Anguss, mineralverstärkt [Show]
18.09. (A) TPV

TPV Santoprene 271-55

OW GR brown 35 to - Austria
TPV Santoprene 271-55, vulkanisiert in 25 kg Säcke auf Paletten, hellbraun, sortenrein. Es handelt sich um Rohmaterial und wird bei einem Bierdeckel auf der Innenseite verwendet. [Show]
06.09. (A) PET


SO SO green 120 to - Belgium
sell preform color green Contact for request: [Show]
PET Granules green 
06.09. (A) PET

PET Granules green

SO GR white 60 to - Belgium
PET granules suitable for film / fiber and food grade applications. For further information we are at your disposal. Tel: 0041616315200 [Show]
PET rolls 
06.09. (A) PET

PET rolls

SO SO translucent 40 to - Belgium
PET rolls, translucent, 150 cm wide approx. 400 - 500 kg / roll 40 to 60 To. / Month Postal industry Inquiry please by email [Show]
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