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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
01.01. (G) PEEK

PEEK oddments

PrA SO nature - - Switzerland
all unfilled PEEK grades, in all shapes [Show]
regrind ex LCP Zenite 6140L black 
14.01. (A) LCP

regrind ex LCP Zenite 6140L black

PrA MG black 10,000 kg 2.99 EUR Germany
high quality from electrical industry multiple demetallization double dedusting sorted regrind [Show]
21.01. (A) PPA

ex Amodel AS-1145 HS BK324

OW MG black 13 to 0.30 EUR Austria
Grist comes from the sprue of a component from the automotive industry. The material was only processed once. [Show]
22.01. (G) PEI


RC MG nature 22 to - Slovenia
We are looking for PEI natural unfilled, regrind. Or if bigger quantity also in scrap form. [Show]
22.01. (G) PES

PES Ultrason E2010

RC MG nature 22 to - Slovenia
We are looking for PES Ultrason E2010 regrind, in natural or black colour. Can take also with GF up to 20% (like E2010 G4). Please do not hasitate to contact us in case of any availability [Show]
31.01. (G) PVDF


PrA SO other - - Germany
PVDF Produktionsabfälle, Spritzguss [Show]
01.02. (G) PEEK

Victrex Peek 450GL30 regind regu...

PrA MG nature - - Germany
02.02. (G) PES

PES Ultrason wanted

PrA MG other 10 to - Germany
mostly: Ultrason E2010 natural Ultrason E2010 [Show]
02.02. (A) PPA

PPA Mahlgut Ex- Amodel AS-4133 HS

SO MG nature 18 kg - Germany
02.02. (A) PSU

PSU Neuware Ultrason S 2010

OW GR nature 25 kg - Germany
02.02. (A) PEI

PEI Mahlgut Ex- Ultem 2300

SO MG black 3,042 kg - Germany
02.02. (A) PES

PES Neuware Ultrason E 3010

OW GR nature 50 kg - Germany
02.02. (A) PEEK

PEEK Mahlgut Ex- Victrex PEEK 45...

SO MG nature 575 kg - Germany
02.02. (A) PPS

PPS Mahlgut Ex- FORTRON 1140L4

SO MG black 2,721.90 kg - Germany
02.02. (A) PPS

PPS Mahlgut Ex- FORTRON 6165A6

SO MG black 16,057.60 kg - Germany
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