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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
11.10. (A) PUR

Elastollan C 90 A 55 000

OW GR black 25 kg 7.90 EUR Germany
11.10. (A) PUR

Elastollan C 90 A 55 000

OW GR black 25 kg 7.90 EUR Germany
10.12. (G) other

PBT Repro pellets

RC GR black - 0.60 EUR Germany
We are looking for PBT Repro pellets: ash:<1,Charpy notched Impact>6,MFI:40-70. if available, pls send me your offer with photos, TDS.mein Email: b rgds. [Show]
Sponge types 
10.03. (G) PUR

Sponge types

RP SO yellow 2 to - Germany
We are always looking for different sponge types (ether, ester) green, brown, yellow, red, blue etc. Special items blocks, plates, production transitions etc. Please offer everything! [Show]
21.07. (G) other

gemischte Folien oder Kunststoffe

SO SO colored - - Germany
Suche gemischte Folien oder auch Hartkunststoffe/Klumpen zur thermischen Verwertung PVC frei - Chlor < 1% Angebote bitte mit Bildern, Beschreibung und regelmäßigen Mengen exw [Show]
25.07. (G) PUR


PrA BW colored 100 to - Germany
Wir suchen: PUR SCHAUMSTOFF - BALLENWARE. 100 to/Monat. Bitte alles anbieten. [Show]
PP ⁄ PE Reg grey MFR ca.5 
30.07. (A) PO

PP ⁄ PE Reg grey MFR ca.5

PCA RG grey 50 to - Germany
22.08. (A) other

Waterabsorber (desiccants)

OW CP transparent 800 to - Poland
We sell waterabsorber (desiccants)- additives to the plastic. It is compatibel with LLDE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS and PA. With this waterabsorber, one can have many advantages in the production: the improvement of the quality of goods, avoidance of [Show]
22.08. (A) other


OW CP transparent 500 to - Poland
We sell Eco-Fillers - this is a transparent concentrate which have better production properties, they are compatible with LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE. [Show]
22.08. (A) other

Recycling solutions for companies

SO SO other - - Poland
We can offer: - single machines or the entire plant recycling system - 1 screw or 2 screw machines, - bottle manufacturing machines – injection with blow molding, - bottle manufacturing machines – extrusion blow-moulding, - devices for [Show]
22.08. (A) WPC

WPC Reglanulate

RP GR other 304,000 kg 0.17 EUR Austria
PP+Wood [Show]
22.08. (A) WPC

PE319 crumbled

PrA GR other 110,999 kg 0.17 EUR Austria
WPC crumbled material (PE+Wood) [Show]
22.08. (A) WPC

WPC crumbled

RP MG other 19,200 kg 0.12 EUR Austria
WPC crumbled material (PP+Wood) [Show]
22.08. (A) Additive


AD PV other 13,400 kg 0.18 EUR Austria
Talcum [Show]
22.08. (A) Masterbatch

MB aehnlich RAL8008, olive brown

OW MV brown 4,481 kg 1.75 EUR Austria
Grano [Show]
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