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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
15.01. (G) PS


PCA MG black - - Turkey
LOOKING FOR SHREDDED PS HANGERS ( min.shredded 30 mm-50 mm , removed from metals ) For baled hangers we should negotiate too [Show]
15.01. (G) HIPS


PCA BW black - - Turkey
20.05. (A) PS

Polystyrol 66% PS 158 K + 33% PS...

OW MG other 525 kg - Germany
Polystyrol 66% PS 158 K + 33% PS 495 F + versch. Farben [Show]
17.06. (G) EPS

Suche EPS/XPS Presslinge

SO SO white 20 to - Germany
Ich würde gerne EPS Produktionsabfälle in verpresster Form kaufen. Auch kleinere Mengen erwünscht. Die Abholung erfolgt durch die Fa. Bachl. [Show]
23.06. (G) EPS

EPS all colours

PrA BW colored 200 to - Germany
We're looking for EPS - all colours. We look forward to your offers! [Show]
24.06. (G) XPS


SO SO other 88 to - Germany
XPS, EPS, PS [Show]
HIPS regrind from fridges with metal 
02.07. (A) HIPS

HIPS regrind from fridges with m...

SO MG other 23 to - Greece
Available for sale 1*40hc HIPS regrind from fridges with metal. Interested parties please contact us for a price offer. [Show]
PS seedling trays post consumer 
02.07. (A) PS

PS seedling trays post consumer

PCA BW colored 50 to - Greece
We have available for sale PS seedling trays black and colored, post consumer. On going material. Interested parties please contact us for price offers. [Show]
06.07. (A) HIPS


PrA GR grey - - Czech Republic
We offer HIPS granulat, MFI 5-8, light grey or black, regularly. [Show]
06.07. (A) ABS


PrA GR black - - Czech Republic
We produce granulate ABS MFI 16-22, black, regurarly. [Show]
GPPS Regrind Transparent Glass 
08.07. (A) PS

GPPS Regrind Transparent Glass

PrA MG transparent 40,000 kg - Poland
Offer GPPS regrind, glass, post-production, very high quality. Recurrent material. We can send a sample on request. [Show]
08.07. (A) SAN

SAN 260 GF Elix®

OW GR nature 24,000 kg 1.80 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
08.07. (G) XPS

XPS post production, off grade i...

UB SO other 66 to - Germany
post production, off grade in any forms,brickets; rolls, lumps, bales,ingots, , compacted block etc. [Show]
09.07. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware LG AF365

OW GR red 240 kg - Germany
09.07. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware Elix M203

OW GR grey 504 kg - Germany
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