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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
A-PET/PE Mahlgut transparent 
15.10. (A) A-PET

A-PET/PE Mahlgut transparent

PrA MG transparent 22 to - Germany
Verbundaufteilung: A-PET: 80% PE: 20% Menge: alle 2 Monate 20T Input: Folie aus Lebensmittelindustrie [Show]
01.12. (A) PET

Arnite AV 2 390 natur Mahlgut

OW MG nature 2,464 kg - Austria
Arnite AV 2 390 natur Mahlgut [Show]
03.12. (A) A-PET


PrA SO white - 0.02 EUR Germany
45 to PET-A Brocken einmalig 0,015 €/kg [Show]
Hot washed PET flakes 
15.10. (A) PET

Hot washed PET flakes

PCA SO white - - Hungary
Contact us for more information. We can supply 150-200 Tons monthly [Show]
Odpad PET - preforma i butelka, przemiały, płatki PET. 
02.12. (G) PET

Odpad PET - preforma i butelka, ...

PCA MG colored - - Poland
Witam, jeśli mają Państwo to proszę o przesłanie zdjęcia, ilości, i ceny? Zakupię każdą ilość poprodukcyjnego odpadu preformy i butelki, przemiały, płatki PET. Posiadamy wszelkie niezbędne pozwolenia związane z gospodarką odpadami.###Wystawiamy KPO [Show]
24.11. (A) A-PET

PET A Agglomerat

RC AG nature 60 to - Poland
PET A Agglomerat natural [Show]
PET bottles - mix (after food drinks, light-emitting) 
02.12. (G) PET

PET bottles - mix (after food dr...

PCA BW translucent - - Poland
Hello, I will buy PET mix bottles (mixes with different color composition for food drinks light-emitting) if you have it, please send me the photo, quantity and price? I will buy any amount of post-production waste preforms and bottles, regrinds, PET [Show]
PET Brocken hellgrün, lose und in Big Bags 
07.12. (A) PET

PET Brocken hellgrün, lose ...

PrA SO green 250 to - Germany
PET Extrusion Lumps Bottle Grade No other Plastic contamination belong 150 to available EXW Anwterpen Break Bulk Loading or Big Bag cont Loading Possible Pls contact : Mr Ngu for further question [Show]
17.10. (A) PET


OW PE crystal clear 1,000 to 900.00 EUR Saudi Arabia
02.12. (A) A-PET

Pet flakes

RC MG blue 200 to 720.00 EUR Tunisia
PET Flakes blue 
22.11. (A) PET

PET Flakes blue

SO MG blue 60 to - Belgium
PET Flakes blue, washed hot [Show]
PET Flakes clear 
22.11. (A) PET

PET Flakes clear

SO MG transparent 60 to - Belgium
PET Flakes clear, washed hot [Show]
PET bottles & preforms 
14.11. (G) A-PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO other 20 to - Poland
We are still looking for production waste of PET bottles and preforms. Please send only offers of production waste. Please do not offer post consumer waste. [Show]
10.10. (G) PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO other 200 to - Poland
The recycler operating on the plastics market since 2009 will purchase any amount of post-production waste of PET preforms and PET bottles. We are interested in all colors. We have all the necessary permits related to waste management. We guarantee [Show]
18.11. (G) PET

PET Mahlgut Farbe Transparent.

RP MG transparent 200 to - Germany
Suche zum kauf PET A, PET G, PET GAG. bis 200 Tonnen Monatlich. [Show]
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