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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
03.05. (G) PMMA

ABS-PMMA and PMMA-ABS wanted

PCA MG other 50 to - Germany
Post Production regrind [Show]
21.05. (A) PC

Calibre 603-6 transparent MFI 6

OW GR other 1,000 kg - Germany
PC [Show]
20.05. (G) PC

CD/DVD wanted

PCA SO other - - Germany
CD-DVD Scrap wanted [Show]
03.03. (A) COC

COC Mahlgut Ex- Topas 5013L-10

SO MG black 24,000 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) COC

COC Mahlgut Ex- Topas 5013L-10

SO MG transparent 24,000 kg - Germany
Delrin 500P BK602 black - POM - virgin grade 
12.03. (A) POM

Delrin 500P BK602 black - POM - ...

OW GR black 225 kg 3.50 EUR Slovenia
We are selling POM - Delrin 500P BK602 black, virgin grade [Show]
13.05. (G) POM

Delrin 500P in natural as regrind

PrA MG nature 10 to - Germany
regular [Show]
21.05. (A) PC

Emerge PG8430-15 MFI 15

OW GR white 25 kg - Germany
PC [Show]
14.05. (G) PMMA

Buying request PMMA Scraps and s...

PrA SO other - - Germany
We are all time interest in buying PMMA-offcuts or injection moulding scraps, also surplus stocks and off spec materials [Show]
25.05. (A) POM

Hostaform C 27021 natural

RP GR nature 775 kg - Germany
22.05. (A) POM

Hostaform C13021

OW GR nature 2,793.40 kg - Czech Republic
Obsolete original resin from discontinued project [Show]
31.05. (A) POM

Hostaform C9021

OW SO nature 25 to - Germany
Hostaform C9021 in nature with neutral packaging Octabin with certification, virgin material Only full truck orders Regular available [Show]
10.05. (A) PC

Infino HN 3104 + 5% Lexan 943A t...

PrA MG white 7,000 kg 1.10 EUR Slovenia
01.05. (G) PBT

Plastic Injection Parts with Met...

PrA SO other - - Germany
Regular purchase with intetesting prices if materials are seperated by plastic type [Show]
15.04. (A) PC


OW GR green 1,600 kg 1.11 EUR Germany
Transparent green Lexan GN7E348T Lexan GY8E550H Lexan GY5E525H [Show]
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