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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
27.10. (A) PA 6.6

PA 6.6/6 GF30 black, virgin mate...

OW GR black 890 kg - Germany
We can offer: PA 6.6/6 GF30 virgin material - Anjacom PA 6.6/6 R195-H-GF30 in black The material is a remaining stock with certificate. Quantity: 890 kg Packaging: original bags If you have any further questions please contact us. [Show]
27.10. (A) PBT


OW PE nature 180 to - United States of America
We can offer the following now and ongoing monthly or weekly: PBT PRIME VIRGIN NATURAL RESIN PELLETS  Quantity: We have about 400,000 lbs (180 MT)  in gaylord boxes. Quality: Ultradur B 6550; a high viscosity PBT extrusion [Show]
27.10. (G) EPS

EPS blocks/briquettes/ingots whi...

PrA SO other 75 to - Germany
EPS/XPS blocks/briquettes/ingots white/blue/purple/black from packaging/industry [Show]
Baled PP Rope 
27.10. (G) PP

Baled PP Rope

PCA BW colored 18 to - Great Britain
We are looking for baled PP rope, please send pictures and description of material available, we can buy 5 to 10 containers a month. Load weights must be around 18 metric ton minimum, please send us your offer with best price on ex works or Fob [Show]
27.10. (A) POM

Delrin 100 ST Regranulate nature...

RC RG nature 9 to - Germany
Delrin 100 ST Regranulate nature - POM Homo [Show]
PP regranulate clear 
27.10. (A) PP

PP regranulate clear

RC RG transparent 22 to 1.00 EUR Poland
We can offer regularly PP regranulate clear transparent. The regranulate has been made from clean post production waste of PP films. Monthly amount: 22 tons [Show]
27.10. (G) PC

Inquiery MULTILON T 2710 F BLACK

OW CP black - - Austria
Dear Sir or Madam, we are looking for 10 - 20 t PC/ABS Multilon T 2710 F black Please make us an offer. Best regards Bernd Blei SCM [Show]
27.10. (A) POM

POM copo Offspec Granulate nature

RP GR nature 20 to - Germany
POM copo Offspec Granulate nature Hostaform [Show]
27.10. (A) PC

PC Granules black

RP GR black 9 to - Germany
Makrolon 2405 Granules black neutral packaged in Octabins [Show]
27.10. (A) PC

PC Granules black

RP GR black 3 to - Germany
Altech PC A 1000/121 UV IM schwarz Neuware Granules UV Impact modified [Show]
27.10. (A) PA 6

PA 6 GF 30 prime grey

RP GR grey 6 to - Germany
Durethan BKV 130P grey Original Prime Bags [Show]
27.10. (A) PPS

Fortron 1131L4 Granules black

RP GR black 4.50 to - Germany
Fortron 1131L4 Granules black Original Bags [Show]
27.10. (G) HIPS

Looking for PS

PrA MG other 20 to - Austria
We are looking for PS regrind ex sheets, injection... Scraps are also possible. Please offer us everything you have!!! [Show]
27.10. (A) HD-PE

HDPE Mahlgut

PrA MG colored 53 to 0.65 EUR Austria
ex Flaschenkappenverschlüsse, bunt [Show]
27.10. (G) EPS

EPS, XPS Produktionsabfall. Stan...

SO SO other 100 to - Germany
EPS, XPS, GPPS als Mahlgut, Granulat,auch verpresste und/oder verdichtete Block, Presslinge, Schmelze Klumpen etc. in alle Farben, aus Verpackungen, Produktionsreste, der Fischerindustrie. Wir suchen es regelmässig. [Show]
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