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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
PP regranulate clear 
31.03. (A) PP

PP regranulate clear

RC RG transparent 22 to 1.00 EUR Poland
We can offer regularly PP regranulate clear transparent. The regranulate has been made from clean post production waste of PP films. Monthly amount: 22 tons [Show]
31.03. (A) A-PET

Pet flakes

RC MG blue 200 to 720.00 EUR Tunisia
31.03. (G) EPS

EPS, XPS Produktionsabfall. Stan...

SO SO other 100 to - Germany
EPS, XPS, GPPS als Mahlgut, Granulat,auch verpresste und/oder verdichtete Block, Presslinge, Schmelze Klumpen etc. in alle Farben, aus Verpackungen, Produktionsreste, der Fischerindustrie. Wir suchen es regelmässig. [Show]
Hostacom HKC 182L white, regrind 
31.03. (A) PP

Hostacom HKC 182L white, regrind

PrA MG white 19 to - Germany
We can offer Hostacom HKC 182L regrind in white / grey / darkgrey Quantity white: ca. 11 To. Quantity grey: ca. 3,5 To. Quantity dark grey: ca. 4,8 To. If you have any further questions please contact us. [Show]
TPU Desmopan 1050D black, regrind 
31.03. (A) TPU

TPU Desmopan 1050D black, regrind

PrA MG black 3.50 to - Germany
We can offer: TPU Desmopan 1050D regrind in black. Quantity: 3,5 To. Packaging: Big Bag If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact us. [Show]
PA 6 unv. V0 ex Frianyl B63 V0 colored, regrind 
31.03. (A) PA 6

PA 6 unv. V0 ex Frianyl B63 V0 c...

PrA MG colored 3,420 kg - Germany
We can offer: PA 6 unv. V0 ex Frianyl B63 V0 colored regrind. Quantity: 3.420 kg Packaging: oktabin If you have any further questions please contact us. [Show]
GPPS, post-production regrind, transparent 
31.03. (A) PS

GPPS, post-production regrind, t...

PrA MG crystal clear 40 to 1.02 EUR Poland
40 T monthly of GPPS transparent regrind. It is clean post-production material from small, storage boxes, injection grade. For more info, please call or e-mail me. [Show]
PP WPC compounds 
31.03. (A) PP

PP WPC compounds

OW CP other 50 to - Lithuania
Innovative WPC plastic compounds production We offer you PP WPC ( wood plastic composition compound ) We will produce you both extrusion and injection molding compound. Long live technology. If you want to produce competitive products then our [Show]
PP CF reinforced polymer compounds 
31.03. (A) PP

PP CF reinforced polymer compounds

OW CP black 50 to - Lithuania
Innovative reinforced plastic compounds production We offer you PP CF ( carbon fiber reinforced compound ) lightness and high strength characteristics allow widespread use of this polymer compound throughout the industry. We will produce you both [Show]
30.03. (A) PA 6.6

PA 66 PALMID R6629S GF30

SO SO black 24,000 kg - Germany
LDPE - Regranulate 
30.03. (A) LD-PE

LDPE - Regranulate

RC RG grey 1,200 to 0.56 EUR France
LDPE Regranulate. Please ask for more info and prices (prices indicate are estimated). Certificate of compliance. We are a recycling company with several production-sites in Europe for LDPE from Post-Consumer and Post-Commercial LDPE-Film and mainly [Show]
30.03. (A) HIPS

HIPS Regranulat in schwarz

SO RG black 40 to - Germany
Regelmäßig verfügbar1-2 Lkw-Ladungen pro MonatPreise und Datenblatt gerne auf Anfrage [Show]
30.03. (G) PS

PS trays

PCA BW other - - Germany
30.03. (G) PBT

Plastic Injection Parts with Met...

PrA SO other - - Germany
Regular purchase with intetesting prices if materials are seperated by plastic type [Show]
30.03. (G) LLD-PE

Lookinfg for LLDPE

PrA SO nature 22 to - Poland
We are looking for production waste of LLDPE films on Rolls in natural transparent colour. [Show]
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