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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
26.07. (A) ABS

ABS Polylac 757F NC

OW GR nature 15,000 kg 3.50 EUR Germany
Neuware verpackt in 25kg Säcken auf Palette. [Show]
26.07. (A) ABS/PA

ABS/PA Mahlgut Ex- Terblend N NM...

SO MG black 2,243 kg - Germany
26.07. (A) PBT

PBT Recompound PALDUR R2030 GF15

SO RC black 2,676.50 kg - Germany
26.07. (A) PP Homopol...

Moplen HP 560 Y original goods w...

OW GR nature 23,375 kg - Germany
Moplen HP 560 Y original 1A with WPZ/APZ [Show]
26.07. (A) PET

PET (Virgin) Viscosity 0,80 +/- ...

OW GR transparent 300 to - Germany
PET virgin material with a viscosity index of 0.80 +/- 0.02. The PET granulate is filled in BigBags and comes from a German manufacturer. It is suitable for the production of beverage containers/PET preforms (mineral water & soft drinks). The PET [Show]
26.07. (G) PA 6.6

Regrind ex Zytel 70G35 HSLX

PrA MG black 10,000 kg - Germany
26.07. (A) PBT

PBT - regrind

PrA MG colored 20 to - Austria
We can offer different PBT regrinds. Continously For further information, please contact us [Show]
26.07. (G) HD-PE

HDPE regrind wanted (Injection+E...

SO MG other - - Germany
26.07. (G) PP

PP Mahlgut gesucht

PrA MG other - - Germany
regelmäßige und konstante Übernahe möglich auch größere Mengen [Show]
26.07. (A) PA 6.6

Zytel 70G30 HSL

OW GR other 25 to - Germany
Zytel 70G30 HSL in natural and black (BK039B) Octabin or 25kb bags, with certification Virign material regular available [Show]
26.07. (A) POM

Hostaform C9021

OW SO nature 25 to - Germany
Hostaform C9021 in nature with neutral packaging Octabin with certification, virgin material Only full truck orders Regular available [Show]
26.07. (G) PEEK

Victrex Peek 450GL30 regind regu...

PrA MG nature - - Germany
26.07. (G) PA 4.6

PA 4.6 regrind

PrA MG other - - Germany
26.07. (A) PC

SABIC PC Lexan 123R – 111

OW GR transparent 20 to - Germany
Virgin Material [Show]
26.07. (G) PA 6.6

Zytel 70G35 HSLX

OW GR black 10,000 kg - Germany
1-A-Typware oder Regranulat oder Mahlgut [Show]
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