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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
HDPE, regranulate, black colour 
08.04. (A) HD-PE

HDPE, regranulate, black colour

PrA RG black 100,000 kg - Poland
HDPE, regranulate, black colour, post production material from pipes PE100, quantity 100 tons per every month. [Show]
TPV, regranulate, black, 60 ShA 
08.04. (A) TPV

TPV, regranulate, black, 60 ShA

RC RG black 20,000 kg - Poland
TPV, regranulate,colour: black, 60 ShA, repeatable material from post production detail, quantity 20 tons per month [Show]
TPE elastomer, granulate 
08.04. (A) SEBS

TPE elastomer, granulate

OW GR nature 200 to - Poland
TPE, granulate, thermoplastic elastomer resulting from the combination of an elastomer phase (SBS, SEBS, SEPS, etc.) with a thermoplastic phase. High quality. TPE is used in the production of: toys household appliances gaskets tapes membranes handles [Show]
TPE, granulate, natural, 75 ShA 
08.04. (A) TPE

TPE, granulate, natural, 75 ShA

OW GR nature 100,000 kg - Poland
Thermoplastic elastomer based on SEBS and polyolefins for injection molding, in natural color and 75 ShA hardness. Looking for a different type of elastomer, call or write. We will choose the material for your needs. [Show]
08.04. (A) HD-PE

Graulat HDPE natur und weiss aus...

RC GR nature 22 to 0.01 EUR Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten Granulat HDPE ex Recycling von Behälter in farbe natur und auch weiss. Aktuleller Lagerbestand, Verfügbarkeit, Pres und Verkaufsbedngungen noch zu besprechen. Nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt auf. [Show]
08.04. (G) PARA

Ixef 1022 mixed colour or black

PrA MG black 5,000 kg - Germany
Wir suchen ständig sortenreines und unverschmutztes Mahlgut, bitte alles anbieten! [Show]
08.04. (A) PP

PP regra grau ex Big Bags

RC RG grey 20,000 kg - Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten regelmäsige Mengen von PP regra grau spritzgus. Die Ware freibleibend verfügbar ab unserem Lager in Wroclaw / Polen. Einzellheiten - Bitte ums Kontakt. [Show]
Ixef 1521 colored, regrind 
08.04. (A) PARA

Ixef 1521 colored, regrind

PrA MG colored 897 kg - Germany
We can offer: Ixef 1521 colored regrind. If you have any questions please contact us. [Show]
Stanyl TW363 nature, regrind 
07.04. (A) PA 4.6

Stanyl TW363 nature, regrind

PrA MG nature 1,045 kg - Germany
We can offer: Stanyl TW363 regrind in nature. If you have any further questions please contact us. [Show]
07.04. (A) PEEK

Victrex Peek 150CA30

PrA MG nature 4 to - Germany
07.04. (A) PEEK

Victrex Peek 450CA30

PrA MG nature 4 to - Germany
07.04. (G) other

Granulat-Restposten gesucht

RP GR other - - Germany
07.04. (G) PVB

PVB production waste material wa...

PrA SO other 20 to - Germany
07.04. (G) ABS

ABS wanted with impurities with ...

PrA MG other 20 to - Germany
We are always looking for ABS regrind. The regrind material can have contamination with PMMA, TPU, TPE (not always) or PVC have (may also contain additional substances). What does not work is PS or PC. Also flame retardants are not workable [Show]
07.04. (G) PC

BorSafe ME3440

OW CP other 15 to - Austria
Dear Sir or Madam, we are looking for 10 - 30 t BorSafe ME3440 Please make us an offer. Best regards Bernd Blei SCM [Show]
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