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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
05.12. (A) SAN

SAN 260 GF Elix®

OW GR nature 24,000 kg 1.80 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
05.12. (A) EVA

EVA, uncrushed waste from shoe s...

PrA SO colored 130,000 kg - Germany
05.12. (G) PP

PP films post industrial waste

PrA SO other 50 to - Poland
We are purchasing post industrial/production waste of OPP / CPP / BOPP films on rolls or in bales. Please send us offers with pictures, all informations and price on my mail. [Show]
05.12. (G) HD-PE

HDPE films post production waste

PrA SO other 22 to - Poland
We are purchasing post industrial waste of HDPE films on rolls or in bales. Please send us offers with pictures, price and all informations on mail. [Show]
PP/PA regranulate clear 
05.12. (A) PP

PP/PA regranulate clear

RC RG nature 22 to - Poland
We offer PP/PA regranulate, made from clean homogenous post production waste. Colour: clear Quantity: 22 tons Warehouse: Toruń, Poland Samples possible. [Show]
PET regrind blue 
05.12. (A) A-PET

PET regrind blue

PrA MG blue 22 to - Poland
We offer regular deliveries of PET regrind. The material is produced from clean production waste of the PET preforms. The raw material does not contain any additives or impurities. The regrind is in a light blue colour. We can send you samples. [Show]
LDPE 98/2 95/5 90/10 80/20 
05.12. (G) LD-PE

LDPE 98/2 95/5 90/10 80/20

PCA BW other 300 to - Poland
Looking LDPE 98/2 95/5 90/10 80/20 long time cooperation we are recycling company [Show]
04.12. (G) POM

POM Regrind Any Type any Colour

PrA RG colored 20,000 kg - Switzerland
POM Regrind Mix Colour or Natural / White Homo Copo Mix Ex Works offer [Show]
04.12. (A) PA 6.6

Ultramid C3UG4 (PA 6.66) Mahlgut

PrA MG grey 16,592 kg - Austria
Ultramid C3UG4 (PA 6.66) Mahlgut in Big Bag / 12 Stk. [Show]
04.12. (A) PP Copo/Homo

PPC schwarz

RC GR black 20,000 kg 0.82 EUR Germany
Recyclat MFI 8-12 ständig verfügbar [Show]
04.12. (A) PP glass r...

PP GF 30 schwarz

SO GR black 20,000 kg - Germany
Compound Spritzguss [Show]
04.12. (A) PA 6

Durethan BKV 30 schwarz

OW GR black 4,000 kg 2.00 EUR Germany
Originalmaterial Sackware WPZ vorhanden [Show]
ASA/PA6 Schulablend M/MW black 
04.12. (A) ASA/PA

ASA/PA6 Schulablend M/MW black

PrA MG black 7.70 to 0.40 EUR Hungary
Grind from clear production waste, to be continuous quantity Please see photo and TDS. [Show]
TPV regranulate, black 
04.12. (A) TPV

TPV regranulate, black

PrA RG black 200 to - Poland
TPV regranulate. Hardness upon customer's request - range: 60, 70, 80, 85 ShA, color: black. Ongoing availability. Always the same quality. [Show]
TPE regranulate, 16 ShA, medical grade 
04.12. (A) TPE

TPE regranulate, 16 ShA, medical...

PrA PE translucent 24 to - Poland
TPE pellets, hardness: 16 ShA, medical grade, color: translucent - greenish, definitely suitable for coloring. We have this material on regular basis of 24 t / m. Always the same quality. [Show]
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