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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
HDPE-Plattenabschnitte, -Reste, -Zuschnitte 
22.02. (A) PE

HDPE-Plattenabschnitte, -Reste, ...

PrA SO colored 25 to 0.10 EUR Germany
wir bieten laufend HDPE-Plattenabschnitte, Produktionsabfall, überwiegend bunt, aber auch schwarz und natur, in Gitterboxen (zum Tausch) [Show]
20.02. (A) PE

PE green

PCA MG green 1,012 kg - Germany
Materialherkunft: Paletten [Show]
20.02. (A) PE

PE multicoloured

PCA MG colored 3,173 kg - Germany
Materialherkunft: Paletten [Show]
19.02. (G) PE

Looking for LDPE / LLDPE injection

RP GR nature 20 to - Poland
We look for LDPE / LLDPE natural and white MFI 10 to 65 as grunules or regrind ALL QUANTITIES [Show]
PE 1840 H 
18.02. (A) PE

PE 1840 H

PrA MG colored 4,240 kg 0.40 EUR Germany
16.02. (A) PE

PE Einlagebeutel transparent

OW SO transparent 9,346 kg - Switzerland
PE Einlagebeutel transparent 350 / 330 x 900 x 0,013 mm 1 Rolle à 20 Beutel 1 Karton à 20 Rollen 1 Palette 362 kg Netto Total netto 9’346 kg 25 Paletten mit 60 Karton = 1500 Karton à 20 Rollen à 20 Beutel = [Show]
14.02. (A) PE

PE monofilament in shades of gre...

PrA SO green 35 to 0.42 EUR Germany
The offer includes 35 tonnes of PE monofilament as Production waste. Sales price 0,42 Euro / kg [Show]
13.02. (G) PE

PE bags

SO BW other 100 to - Poland
The recycler operating on the plastics market since 2009 will buy any amount of waste from PE bags after the original raw materials. We have all the necessary permits related to waste management. We guarantee attractive prices !! Goods are picked up [Show]
13.02. (A) PE


PrA RG grey 24 to 0.78 EUR Germany
origin production waste from the reconditioning of IBCs, PE drums and canisters [Show]
11.02. (G) PE

PE stocklots regrind-granules wa...

SO SO other - - Germany
PE stocklots wanted [Show]
09.02. (G) PE


PCA SO other 100 to - Germany
PE,LDPE,HDPE,LLDPE,EVA! We are looking for companies that can bring us at least 80 tons each month !The actions can be mixed and the colors too ! There can be pollution of 15% ! You pay 65e the tons with us before you take it to the much more [Show]
PE/PA regranulate 
07.02. (A) PE

PE/PA regranulate

RC RG other 8.80 to - Poland
Available quantity: 8,8 t Quantity per month: 22 t Color: cream color PA-content < 7% Made from clean post production waste of PE/PA foils on extruder with double degassing [Show]
27.01. (G) PE

PE Rollen mit und ohne Druck ges...

PrA SO other - - Germany
27.01. (G) PE

PE Nonwoven gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
16.01. (G) PE


PCA BW other 10 to - Poland
We are still looking for granulate bags from PE- or PP- granulates for recycling. [Show]