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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Recompound PALPROP RH05 GF30

SO RC nature 3,611 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP Copolymer

PP Neuware Kopelen JM-360

OW GR nature 975 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Neuware P4C5N - 046

OW GR nature 467 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP

PP Neuware Sabic 9125

OW GR nature 200 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP Recompound PALPROP PH15 T30

SO RC nature 620 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP

PP Neuware Hostacom X 4305 HL86

OW GR black 1,014 kg - Germany
09.10. (A) PP Copolymer

PP Recompound PALPROP RC15 T20SC

SO RC black 6,801 kg - Germany
08.10. (A) PP

PP Regranulat Ex- LGF 30

SO RG black 626.20 kg - Germany
08.10. (A) PP

PP, Haiplen® EP60T2

RC MG black 2,460 kg 0.70 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
08.10. (A) PP

PP Neuware Braskem DH789.01

OW GR nature 4,225 kg - Germany
PP GF0-30 bunt (für schwarz) Mahlgut 
06.10. (A) PP glass r...

PP GF0-30 bunt (für schwarz...

PrA MG colored 8,000 kg - Germany
Regrind from clean production waste (1st processing, only new goods in use) Free of foreign substances such as Wood, paper, metal etc. Clean and dry. Dusted, demetallized and screened. We would be happy to send you more pictures and / or a sample. [Show]
05.10. (A) PP

PPs, made of Simona-deep drawing...

RC MG black 15,000 kg 0.70 EUR Germany
03.10. (G) PP

Production waste of PP foils

PrA SO other 40 to - Poland
We are constantly looking for production waste of PP foils on Rolls or in bales. Please send us your offers with pictures, warehouse address, price ex works to [Show]
02.10. (G) PP glass r...

PP Mahlgut mit max. 30 % GF gesucht

SO MG other - - Germany
regelmäßige und konstante Übernahe möglich auch größere Mengen [Show]
02.10. (A) PP

PP regaanulat ex Folien MFI um 8.

PrA GR white 20,000 kg 0.01 EUR Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten das Regranulat weiss ex post Produktion von Folien in regelmässingen Mengen. Die Ware ist ab unserem Lager in Wrocław EXW erhältlich, freibleibend, bis auf Votrmaterialvorrat reicht. PREIS, Verfügbarkeit,# [Show]
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