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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
04.05. (A) PP-TV

PP-TV 20%

PrA GR black - - Czech Republic
We produce PP - copo granulate with Talk 20%, MFI 10 - 15, black, regurarly. [Show]
27.04. (A) PP glass r...

PP GF20 regrind black

PrA MG black 24,000 kg 0.05 EUR Poland
automotiv, postproduktion [Show]
EPC-PP/PP short fibre 
24.04. (G) PP

EPC-PP/PP short fibre

OW SO nature 25,000 kg 1.00 EUR Germany
Dear Sirs, I am looking for the supply of EPC-PP/PP short fibre, 2D, 51mm. If available, please send us your offer with photos, TDS,packaging details, present availability and monthly availability. looking forward to your reply. b rgds. Junxian [Show]
23.04. (A) PP


OW PE nature 1,000 to 1.150.00 EUR Saudi Arabia
ORIGIN: Saudi Arabian Petrochemical Company. Grade: HOMO/COPO/RAFFIA. Packing: 25KGS BAGS. Loading Port: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Payment Terms: T/T for small order and L/C at sight for bulk order. Factory Visit: Always allowed. [Show]
20.04. (G) PP

Production waste of PP foils

PrA SO other - - Poland
We are constantly looking for production waste of PP foils on Rolls or in bales. Please send us your offers with pictures, warehouse address, price ex works to [Show]
12.04. (G) PP

PP granulates

RP GR nature 25 to - Germany
Hello. I am looking for PP granulates, type: HP461Y, MF650Y or other types that can be used to produce meltblown non woven . When available, please send me your offer with photos, TDS. b rgds. LIN(Mr) Junxian [Show]
01.04. (A) PP

PP Neuware Braskem DH789.01

OW GR nature 4,225 kg - Germany
26.03. (A) PP

PP Regranulat LGF 30

SO RG black 5,733.20 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) PP Copolymer

PP Neuware Ducor 2340 P

OW GR nature 244 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) PP glass r...

PP Neuware Polyflam RPP 374ND

OW GR grey 605 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) PP Copolymer

PP Recompound PALPROP RC15 T30

SO RC black 8,287 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) PP Homopol...

PP Neuware Nilene P K30VA S

OW GR black 519 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) PP

PP Neuware Hostacom PPU X9067 HS

OW GR black 1,947 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) PP Copolymer

PP Recompound PALPROP RC15 T20

SO RC black 24,000 kg - Germany
03.03. (A) PP Copolymer

PP Neuware Tipplen K693

OW GR nature 200 kg - Germany
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