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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
A-PET/PE PostProduction regrind ex:film 
26.05. (A) A-PET

A-PET/PE PostProduction regrind ...

PrA MG transparent 30 to 0.26 EUR Slovakia
Material: A-PET/PE Photos: attached Datasheet: attached Samples: available Colours: transparent/very light blue Form: regrind, made of Post Production scrap (we do not make bales, we grind it directly in production – no dust, pure, clear [Show]
PET-G regrind light blue/transparent ex Easter 6763 
26.05. (A) G-PET

PET-G regrind light blue/transpa...

PrA MG blue 22,000 kg - Switzerland
26.05. (G) A-PET

PET Preforms

PrA SO transparent - - Germany
We are looking for PET preforms monolayer preferably clear or already regrind material from these preforms [Show]
26.05. (G) PET

PET Röntgen-Filme

SO SO other - - Germany
nicht entsilbert [Show]
25.05. (G) PET

PET Mahlgut Farbe Transparent.

RP MG transparent 200 to - Germany
Suche zum kauf PET A, PET G, PET GAG. bis 200 Tonnen Monatlich. [Show]
23.05. (G) A-PET


PrA BW transparent 60 to - Hong Kong
PET-A rolls or regrind, transparent. The quantity, photos and price please via E-mail. [Show]
23.05. (G) A-PET

PET-A regind Post Production

PrA MG other 100 to - Germany
Transpartent, mix color and mono color as Regrind [Show]
21.05. (G) A-PET

PET lumps

PrA SO nature 200 to - Germany
Contineously looking for PET lumps. Please contactus: [Show]
PET A gold/silver regrind 
21.05. (A) A-PET

PET A gold/silver regrind

PrA MG other 50 to - Czech Republic
We are offering, PET A nice quality post production, material in a form of a regrind , also available in pieces. Colors: Gold/Silver. Contact us for further info. [Show]
PET bottles & preforms 
21.05. (G) A-PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO other 20 to - Poland
We are still looking for production waste of PET preforms monolayer. Please send only offers of production waste. Please do not offer post consumer waste. [Show]
PET regrind 
21.05. (A) PET

PET regrind

PrA MG other 120 to - Poland
We can offer 120 tons of PET regrind in different colours: transparent natural, blue, green, mix color transparent and mix color opaque. The material has been produced from production waste of PET preforms. The material is clean and free from any [Show]
18.05. (G) G-PET

PET Mahlgut Farbe Transparent.

RP MG transparent 200 to - Germany
Suche zum kauf PET A, PET G, PET GAG. bis 200 Tonnen Monatlich. [Show]
18.05. (A) PET


PrA MG other 200 to - Spain
PET-PE sheets, coming from food-packaging thermoforming production line (trays), pre-consumer, regrind. Laminated aprox. 5% PE. Mix colours(going to black), attractive price! [Show]
18.05. (G) PET


PrA SO other 15 to - Poland
We are looking for production waste of PET preforms monolayer in clear natural transparent and others colours. Please send us offers with pictures, all informations and your price expectations on mail. [Show]
18.05. (A) PET


RC MG transparent 150 to - Spain
High and steady quality hot washed pet flakes from bottles, light-blue. [Show]
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