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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
APET mono food safe 
08.08. (A) A-PET

APET mono food safe

PrA SO transparent 20 to 1.15 EUR Germany
The approach rollers have a width of 1,000-1,500 mm and weigh between 500 and 1,500 kg. Material APET mono, food safe. [Show]
08.08. (A) PET


PrA GR crystal clear 19 to 0.75 EUR Germany
PET-EVOH-PET clear [Show]
08.08. (A) PET


PrA GR transparent 6,500 kg 0.79 EUR Germany
PET-EVOH-PE clear [Show]
PET Preforms granulate 
08.08. (A) PET

PET Preforms granulate

PrA GR other 10 to 210.00 EUR Germany
approx. 120 tons of shredded PET preforms per year [Show]
06.08. (G) A-PET


PrA MG transparent 200 to - Germany
Suche bis 200 Tonnen Monatlich [Show]
31.07. (G) G-PET


PrA MG transparent 100 to - Germany
100 Tonnen Monatlich- [Show]
29.07. (G) G-PET

PETG von Blister. Farbe Blau Tra...

PrA MG blue - - Germany
Menge 70 Tonnen [Show]
23.07. (A) A-PET


PrA MG transparent 10,540 kg - Germany
Habe 10540 kg PETA, 10 BigBag. [Show]
22.07. (A) PET

PETA Weiss

RP MG crystal clear 120 to - Germany
120 Tonnen [Show]
21.07. (A) PET


PrA MG colored 140 to - Germany
Habe zu verkaufen 140 Tonnen, 120 Paletten [Show]
21.07. (A) A-PET

PET A Farbe Weiss Geschäumt

PrA MG white 100 to - Germany
Verpachkung am Big-Bag. [Show]
20.07. (A) A-PET

PET regrind light blue

PrA MG blue 22 to 0.95 EUR Poland
We offer regular deliveries of PET regrind. The material is produced from clean production waste of the PET preforms. The raw material does not contain any additives or impurities. The regrind is in a light blue colour. [Show]
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