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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
05.01. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware LG AF365

OW GR red 240 kg - Germany
05.01. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware Elix M203

OW GR grey 504 kg - Germany
04.01. (A) SAN

SAN 260 GF Elix®

OW GR nature 24,000 kg 1.80 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
04.01. (G) ABS

ABS wanted with impurities with ...

PrA MG other 20 to - Germany
We are always looking for ABS regrind. The regrind material can have contamination with PMMA, TPU, TPE (not always) or PVC have (may also contain additional substances). What does not work is PS or PC. Also flame retardants are not workable [Show]
03.01. (G) ABS

ABS-PMMA and PMMA-ABS wanted

PCA MG other 50 to - Germany
Post Production regrind [Show]
02.01. (G) ABS

Chrom-Galvanik-ABS,PA,PBT & ...

SO SO other - - Germany
31.12. (G) ABS

ABS regrind extrusion white, gre...

PrA MG white 50 to - Germany
ABS regrind extrusion white, grey, light colours - MFR 2-12 (220°C/10kg) - Clean, pure post-industrial quality - No paint/lack, flame retardant, other additives or contamination - Full truckloads, ongoing/monthly availability We look forward to [Show]
31.12. (G) ABS

BUY Kaufen ABS / ASA Regrind

PrA MG black 300 to 600.00 EUR Poland
we are looking for about ABS and ASA regrind Whatsapp:+48 662 779 626 [Show]
31.12. (A) HIPS

HI-PS ex Stanzgitter WEISS

PrA MG white 7 to - Germany
30.12. (G) XPS


SO SO other 88 to - Germany
XPS, EPS, PS [Show]
29.12. (G) EPS

EPS all colours

PrA BW colored 200 to - Germany
We're looking for EPS - all colours. We look forward to your offers! [Show]
PS seedling trays post consumer 
29.12. (A) PS

PS seedling trays post consumer

PCA BW colored 50 to - Greece
We have available for sale PS seedling trays black and colored, post consumer. On going material. Interested parties please contact us for price offers. [Show]
29.12. (A) ABS

ABS Neuware Novodur P2H-AT

OW GR nature 250 kg - Germany
29.12. (A) PS


PCA MG transparent 2,000 kg 0.60 EUR Romania
HIPS regrind from fridges with metal 
29.12. (A) HIPS

HIPS regrind from fridges with m...

SO MG other 23 to - Greece
Available for sale 1*40hc HIPS regrind from fridges with metal. Interested parties please contact us for a price offer. [Show]
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