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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
ABS schwarz Neuware ex DOW XE 1201 MV21 in Säcken 
03.12. (A) ABS

ABS schwarz Neuware ex DOW XE 12...

OW GR black 685 kg - Germany
ABS schwarz Neuware ex DOW XE 1201 MV21 in Säcken [Show]
ABS natur Neuware Novodur HH106 in Säcken 
03.12. (A) ABS

ABS natur Neuware Novodur HH106 ...

OW GR nature 300 kg - Germany
ABS natur Neuware Novodur HH106 in Säcken [Show]
PS schwarz Granulat PRESTAstyrol HI Poly Styrol 
03.12. (A) PS

PS schwarz Granulat PRESTAstyrol...

SO GR black 24,000 kg - Germany
PS schwarz Granulat PRESTAstyrol HI [Show]
hoch gefülltes PS Techno Styrol LR2D1 Typware schwarz 
03.12. (A) PS

hoch gefülltes PS Techno St...

RP GR black 590 kg 0.75 EUR Germany
Detailed quantities also on our homepage under: We are a plastic processor and distributor. Our specialties include: toll manufacturing, granulation, Trade, Purchase plastics as parts, regrind or granules, [Show]
ABS black 
03.12. (A) ABS

ABS black

OW GR black 1 to - Germany
ABS black Standard impact strength, easy flowing, high gloss, contains antistatic additive NANUK POLYMERS GmbH - your partner in plastic trade! Please tell us your desired quantity, we will make you an offer! [Show]
GPPS, post-production regrind, transparent 
03.12. (A) PS

GPPS, post-production regrind, t...

PrA MG crystal clear 40 to 1.02 EUR Poland
40 T monthly of GPPS transparent regrind. It is clean post-production material from small, storage boxes, injection grade. For more info, please call or e-mail me. [Show]
PS scrap high impact 
03.12. (A) PS

PS scrap high impact

PrA MG black 10 to 0.68 EUR Germany
Ex Tiefzieh-Stanzgitter, Schwarz, grau und weiß. Farblich getrennt. Saubere Ware. Preis Mahlgut: 0,68 €/kg. Ab Werk, zzgl. MWSt. [Show]
01.12. (A) PS

Polystyrol/Styron (PS) mit Flamm...

OW MG white 2,400 kg - Austria
Polystyrol/Styron (PS) mit Flammschutz Mahlgut [Show]
01.12. (G) ABS

ABS Regranulate with flame prote...

SO RG other - - Germany
We are constantly looking for high volumes of ABS Regranulate with flame protection (FR) [Show]
01.12. (G) PS

PS trays

PCA BW other - - Germany
01.12. (A) HIPS

HIPS Regranulat in schwarz

SO RG black 40 to - Germany
Regelmäßig verfügbar1-2 Lkw-Ladungen pro MonatPreise und Datenblatt gerne auf Anfrage [Show]
28.11. (A) MABS

MABS/ABS Mahlgut bunt Spritzguss

PrA MG colored 12,000 kg - Switzerland
28.11. (G) ABS

ABS regind wanted (Also with FR ...

PrA MG other - - Germany
Injection+Extrusion [Show]
27.11. (A) ABS

ROTEC ABS 1200 TR-AC YL2838-16

OW GR transparent 400 kg - Germany
27.11. (A) SAN

Tyril 867E 38783-74

OW GR transparent 375 kg - Germany