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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
27.12. (A) PC

PC ex Makrolon 2405 Mahlgut schwarz

SO RG black 270 kg - Germany
27.12. (A) PC

PC ex Makrolon 2245/LED/HC glask...

SO MG crystal clear 500 kg - Germany
24.12. (G) PC

PC Plattenreste gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
23.12. (A) PC


OW GR green 1,600 kg 1.11 EUR Germany
Transparent green Lexan GN7E348T Lexan GY8E550H Lexan GY5E525H [Show]
21.12. (A) PC

PC Recompound PALSAFE R20 CM

SO RC black 666 kg - Germany
19.12. (A) PC

PC, 10 % - 30 % GF

RC MG colored 20 to 0.90 EUR Germany
Die Preisangaben verstehen sich grundsätzlich freibleibend bis zur Abschlussverhandlung einer Bestellung. Mahlgut, Regranulat, Abfälle und ggfs. auch Neuware, welche mit Handelsnamen versehen sind, stimmen in ihren technischen Werten nicht [Show]
19.12. (A) PC

PC, Lexan® 164 R, white 805103

OW GR white 980 kg 2.50 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
17.12. (A) PC

Calibre 603-6 transparent MFI 6

OW GR other 1,000 kg - Germany
PC [Show]
17.12. (A) PC

Emerge PG8430-15 MFI 15

OW GR white 25 kg - Germany
PC [Show]
16.11. (A) PC

PC Makrolon 2805 + 1% Masterbatc...

OW MG other 1,538 kg - Germany
PC Makrolon 2805 + 1% Masterbatch silber Mahlgut in Säcken auf Palette. [Show]
Lexan 923-705005 
21.10. (A) PC

Lexan 923-705005

OW PE grey 1,100 kg 1.00 EUR Austria
Produktionsrestposten, 100% Originalware, original in 25kg Säcken verpackt, mit Materialzertifikat, Farbe: grau (705005) [Show]
18.10. (G) PC


RC MG white 22 to - Slovenia
We are looking for PC FR+GF white or light grey regrind. Please, send us your offers. [Show]
05.10. (A) PC

PC bottle/blue scrap

RC MG blue 2 to 0.90 EUR Hungary
size 8-10mm Cleaned stickers and dust without sticker(clean already) without dust washing sample available [Show]
24.02. (A) PC

PC Calibre 603-3

PrA MG transparent 13 to 1.10 EUR Slovenia
Different colours separted (smoky, brown, blue), all transparent. [Show]
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