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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
20.04. (G) PMMA

PMMA Plattenreste gesucht

PCA SO other 100 to - Germany
16.04. (G) PMMA

PMMA stocklots regrind-granules ...

SO SO other - - Germany
PMMA stocklots wanted [Show]
PMMA 8N, regrind 
09.04. (A) PMMA

PMMA 8N, regrind

PrA MG crystal clear 45,000 kg 0.50 EUR Slovenia
PMMA regrind 8N, possible traces of PC, Transparent [Show]
PMMA scrap mixed color 
29.03. (A) PMMA

PMMA scrap mixed color

SO SO other 50 to - Greece
We have available for sale PMMA scrap mixed color (can contain approx.5% other plastics-some offcuts for protection reasons wrapped in PE film or paper). On going material every month 2-3 containers. Interested parties please contact us for price [Show]
22.03. (A) PMMA

PMMA Neuware Plexiglas Heat FT15

OW GR transparent 8,575 kg - Germany
18.03. (A) PMMA

PMMA Mahlgut Ex- Plexiglas 7N

SO MG transparent 2,049.50 kg - Germany
16.03. (G) PMMA

Buying request PMMA Scraps and s...

PrA SO other - - Germany
We are all time interest in buying PMMA-offcuts or injection moulding scraps, also surplus stocks and off spec materials [Show]
09.09. (A) PMMA

Beadpolymers based on PMMA (out ...

OW PV white - - Germany
In addition to DYNACOLL®, DYNAPOL®, VESTOPLAST®, VESTOWAX®, SARAWAX®, POLYVEST, Evonik Industries AG also produces the DEGACRYL® product range. The last product is a product based on PMMA polymers and copolymers (bead [Show]
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