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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
PET-A, transparent flakes 
10.04. (A) A-PET

PET-A, transparent flakes

PrA MG transparent 40 to - Czech Republic
We can offer regularly 2 truck/month. Packaging: BigBags We can offer the same material in transparent light blue color. Regularly 2 trucks/month. [Show]
08.04. (A) A-PET

500 jato A-PETr granulat

PrA GR other - - Germany
Granulat aus Folie (mit Aluminiumpigment) geeignet für Spritzguss und Spritzblasen sowie Extrusion. Farbe: Silber (metallischer Effekt) Rohdichte: ~1,32 g/cm³ Glührückstand bei 700°C/1Std:~0,12 Gew. % Intrinsische [Show]
06.04. (A) A-PET

A-PET ex plastic bottles

PrA MG other 21 to - Germany
regrind, colours: blue, orange, green, quantity per colour 6-7 tons [Show]
PET recycle material (transparent) 
05.04. (A) A-PET

PET recycle material (transparent)

RC GR translucent 10,000 kg 0.75 EUR Switzerland
Transparent PET-A [Show]
PET recycle material (blue) 
05.04. (A) A-PET

PET recycle material (blue)

RC GR blue 21,000 kg 0.65 EUR Switzerland
PET-Typ: A-PET Kristallines Granulat Granulatform: Kugel rund Granulatgrösse: ca. 60 Stk/g Schüttdichte_ 800-900 Viscosity: 0,72 (+/- 0,04) [Show]
04.04. (G) A-PET

PET-G regrind light blue/transpa...

PrA MG blue 23,000 kg - Switzerland
clean post-production-waste ex packaging industry with food contact certificate [Show]
PET bottles & preforms 
01.04. (G) A-PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO other 20 to - Poland
We are still looking for production waste of PET preforms monolayer. Please send only offers of production waste. Please do not offer post consumer waste. [Show]
21.03. (G) A-PET

PET-A regind Post Production

PrA MG other 100 to - Germany
Transpartent, mix color and mono color as Regrind [Show]
20.03. (A) A-PET

Pet Mahlgut

PrA MG other 20,000 kg - Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten das MAhlut ex PET in Formen von: -Mahlgut ex Folie PET A, transparent,; ex Flaschen, sowie auch Mahlgut ex Angüsse aus Produktion, Ex Preforms. Genaue Mengen, Farbvarianten, aktuelle Verfügbarket, Preis und [Show]
sheet PET A 100 transparent 500µm at cost price 
12.03. (A) A-PET

sheet PET A 100 transparent 500&...

OW SO transparent 42 to - Germany
Due to a customer cancellation, we currently have PET A 100 transparent 500 μm in sheet form (also partial quantities) from German production in stock, which we would be happy to sell at cost price. The following formats are available and can be [Show]
10.03. (A) A-PET

PET dust mix colour

PrA PV colored - 0.03 EUR Poland
We can offer regularly a material from PET-preforms monolayer grinding. The material is clean and comes from production of PET preforms regrind. Price ex works : 30 EUR/MT [Show]
08.03. (A) A-PET

PET-A Neuware Kodapak 13339

OW GR nature 695 kg - Germany
05.03. (A) A-PET

PET regrind mix color

RC MG colored 22 to - Poland
We offer regularly PET regrind ex preforms in mix color transparent. The material is very clean and homogenous, because it was produced from clean production waste of preforms monolayer. We can send you samples. [Show]
PET regrind ex preforms 
05.03. (A) A-PET

PET regrind ex preforms

RC MG green 22 to - Poland
We can offer regularly PET regrind ex preforms in green color. The material is very clean and homogenous. It was produced from clean production waste of preforms. We can send you samples. [Show]
PET aus Produktion 
03.02. (A) A-PET

PET aus Produktion

PrA SO green 800 to 0.07 EUR Austria
//DEUTSCH// Um Ihre Anfrage möglichst schnell bearbeiten zu können, bitten wir auf unsere Website anzufragen: Besten Dank! //ENGLISCH// For a fast processing of your request we kindly ask you to engage [Show]
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