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12.07. (G) EPS

We are looking for PP pallets

SO BW colored 300 to - Germany
We are looking for PP pallets. Please offer everything, no matter what color or condition. Black, blue, gray, ... also in bales or pre-shredded if available. We look forward to receiving your inquiries! [Show]
12.07. (G) EPS

HDPE extrusion - drums, canister...

SO SO colored 500 to - Germany
We are looking for HDPE extrusion such as Barrels, canisters, IBCs or sorted pipes. Regardless of whether they are pressed into bales, pre-shredded in a big bag, cut or delivered loose to 27572 Bremerhaven. [Show]
12.07. (G) EPS

We buy XPS Styrodur briquettes

SO BW colored 200 to - Germany
Feel free to offer everything about XPS Styrodur hard foam. Ideally pre-compressed in briquettes, round pieces, rods, blocks or bales. Loose material also possible by arrangement. We look forward to your inquiries. [Show]
12.07. (G) EPS

Searching for EPS(Styrofoam), in...

SO BW white 200 to - Germany
We are searching EPS (Styrofoam) in bales, light bales, bales out of the snail compactor. We pay the highest prices at the moment. [Show]
07.07. (G) EPS

EPS, XPS Produktionsabfall. Stan...

SO SO other 100 to - Germany
EPS, XPS, GPPS als Mahlgut, Granulat,auch verpresste und/oder verdichtete Block, Presslinge, Schmelze Klumpen etc. in alle Farben, aus Verpackungen, Produktionsreste, der Fischerindustrie. Wir suchen es regelmässig. [Show]