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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
HDPE ex PE100, regrind, black 
26.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE ex PE100, regrind, black

PrA MG black 100,000 kg - Poland
HDPE, regrind, black colour, post production material from pipes PE100, quantity 100 tons per every month. [Show]
26.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE - regrind

PrA MG colored 17 to - Austria
We can offer: HDPE regrind: -Injection mixed colour 1 truck ab. 17to [Show]
26.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE - regrind ex crates

PrA MG colored 35 to - Austria
We can offer: HDPE regrind ex crates: -35t red/brown [Show]
25.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE regrind mix ex bottle caps

PCA SO other 24 to 0.10 EUR Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten regelmssige Menen von Mahlgut ex Falschenkappen, mix Ware exw Lager in Wrocław erhältlich. PP um ca 3%, spuren von PET möglich. Aktuleller Bestand, Preis, Verkaus und Lieferbedingungen - noch zu vereinbaren Nehmen Sie# [Show]
25.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE regrind red ex crates

PCA MG red 15,000 kg 0.10 EUR Poland
Wir haben regelmässige Mengen von HDPE Mahlgut ex Kisten Materail verfügbar aus unserem Lager in Wroclaw/Polen freibleibend, bis Vormaterialvorrat reicht. Verpackt in BB/Oktabins. Menge, Preis, Verkaufs und Lieferbedingungen - noch zu [Show]
PE-HD Regranulate yellow 
25.11. (A) HD-PE

PE-HD Regranulate yellow

RC RG yellow 20 to 0.65 EUR Germany
PE-HD Regranulate yellow-olive Meltflow 2 Octabins [Show]
25.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE Lupolen GF 5-15% black, vir...

OW GR black 1,240 kg 0.20 EUR Germany
We offer: 405kg Lupolen 4261 GF 5 - black 405kg Lupolen 4261 GF 10 - black 430kg Lupolen 4261 GF 15 - black Packaging: original octabin If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us. [Show]
HDPE transparent regranulat 
25.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE transparent regranulat

OW RG transparent 50 to 650.00 EUR Czech Republic
Type of material: HDPE Regranulate Colour: transparent Package: big bag - 1100kg Storage: protected from moisture in the warehouse Melt Mass-Flow Index (MFI): 0,8/60 sec (190°C /2,16 kg) mail: [Show]
25.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE sheets - regrind

PrA MG white 14 to - Austria
We can offer: HDPE regrind: -sheets black: 3.760kg -sheets mixed colour: 1.770kg -sheets white: 8.315kg [Show]
HDPE, regranulate, black colour 
23.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE, regranulate, black colour

PrA RG black 100 kg - Poland
HDPE, regranulate, black colour, post production material from pipes PE100, quantity 100 tons per every month. [Show]
PEHD Re-granulate 
21.11. (A) HD-PE

PEHD Re-granulate

RC RG black 20 to - Poland
PE-HD regranulate ex clean production waste - free from any contaminations and other substances - MFR 0,4 - black colour - 1 truck / month -pictures and samples for request [Show]
20.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE regranulat black extrusion

SO RG black 15,000 kg 0.10 EUR Poland
We also offer regular quantities of HDPE regranulate black extrusion, suitable for the production of pipes and plates. Approx. 12 t available per month. Current stock, Prices, delivery and sales conditions - to be agreed [Show]
HDPE pellets 
19.11. (A) HD-PE

HDPE pellets

RC RG colored 50 to 0.56 EUR Italy
HDPE pellets from bottle caps MFI ca. 2 Color. colored [Show]
18.11. (A) HD-PE

PE-HD Mahlgut Ex- Sabic M40053S

SO MG colored 4,111.50 kg - Germany
18.11. (G) HD-PE

HDPE regring from canister / blu...

PrA GR black 100 to - Germany
We need HDPE regring from: - Canister - Blue Drums [Show]
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