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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
Moisture absorber, desiccant. 
12.05. (A) Additive

Moisture absorber, desiccant.

AD PE white 1,000 to - Poland
Highly concentrated moisture absorber masterbatch. Removes moisture and acidic impurities, prevents gassification of plastics, dosing: only 1-2%, very efficient. Also for very thin films (10 microns), small, white granules. Ongoing availability. [Show]
12.05. (A) other

PC/ASA, Bayblend® W 85 HI

OW GR black 9,772 kg 1.80 EUR Germany
12.05. (A) PUR

Abfälle ungemahlen, Shore A 85

PrA SO colored 27 to 1.00 EUR Germany
Die Preisangaben verstehen sich grundsätzlich freibleibend bis zur Abschlussverhandlung einer Bestellung. Mahlgut, Regranulat, Abfälle und ggfs. auch Neuware, welche mit Handelsnamen versehen sind, stimmen in ihren technischen Werten nicht [Show]
Glass granules 4-7mm 
10.05. (A) other

Glass granules 4-7mm

RC MG nature 20 to - Turkey
transparent/painted/original [Show]
Glass powder for reinforced plastics - white/black/green/yellow 
09.05. (A) Additive

Glass powder for reinforced plas...

AD PV white 20 to 0.40 EUR Turkey
09.05. (G) Silicone

Silicone Wanted

PrA SO other 20 to - Germany
We are looking for production scraps, liquid, pasty, silicone raw materials, silicone compounds etc. [Show]
07.05. (G) other

Granulat-Restposten gesucht

RP GR other - - Germany
Eko-Filler N - transparent filler masterbatch 
07.05. (A) Masterbatch

Eko-Filler N - transparent fille...

AD GR nature 20,000 kg - Poland
Eko-Filler N is a transparent filler masterbatch. Eko-Filler N contains 80% of transparent inorganic salts well dispersed in metallocene linear low density polyethylene (m-LLDPE, LLDPE-C6) and additives which improve processing. Eko-Filler N is [Show]
Moisture Absorber Masterbatch 
07.05. (A) Additive

Moisture Absorber Masterbatch

AD GR white 24,000 kg - Poland
• contains 80% of active Calcium Oxide well dispersed in low density polyethylene (LDPE) • removes moisture and acidic impurities during the production using LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, ABS, PVC, PA regrinds and regranulates • [Show]
07.05. (A) SMA

SMA Neuware Stapron S DVS 80

OW GR black 227 kg - Germany
07.05. (A) SMA

SMA Mahlgut Ex- Xiran SG324HF

SO MG colored 2,983 kg - Germany
07.05. (A) SMA

SMA Mahlgut GF 20

SO MG black 696 kg - Germany
07.05. (A) Additive

Additiv Neuware Colormatt 10

OW GR nature 14,841 kg - Germany
07.05. (A) SMA

SMA Mahlgut Ex- Dylark 378P15

SO MG black 725 kg - Germany
06.05. (A) other

SMMA (NAS® 30)

RC MG transparent 5,000 kg 1.50 EUR Germany
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