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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
04.08. (A) PC

PC regrind white

PrA MG white 17,000 kg - Germany
ex Makrolon 2407 mit geringem Anteil optischen Aufhellers [Show]
PC black 
03.08. (A) PC

PC black

OW GR black 1 to - Germany
PC black NANUK POLYMERS GmbH - your partner in plastic trade! Please tell us your desired quantity, we will make you an offer! [Show]
02.08. (A) PC

PC Recompound PALSAFE R05 GF30

SO RC nature 2,365 kg - Germany
30.07. (A) PC

PC black Industrial-Quality

RC GR black 100 to - Germany
We can regularly offer PC IQ black Packaging octabins or 25kg bags. Samples available. [Show]
30.07. (A) PC

SABIC PC Lexan 123R – 111

OW GR transparent 20 to - Germany
Virgin Material [Show]
28.07. (A) PC

PC regrind transprent/natur extr...

PrA MG transparent 10,000 kg 0.10 EUR Poland
Wir haben zu bnbieten PC mahlgut tranparent natur extrusion. Die Ware ist ab unserem Lager EXW Wroclaw/ Südpolen erhältlich. Preis, genaue Mengen, Verkaufs und Lieferbedingiungen - noch zu vereinbaren, nehmen Sie bitte Kontakt mit uns. [Show]
28.07. (A) PC


PrA MG crystal clear 41 to 1.11 EUR United States of America
We can supply from the USA the following PC: PC CLEAR REGRIND MELT FLOW 14-15; Ex-solid PC sheet; no coatings or other polymers. Loading weight: about 43,000 lbs/40' hc fcl We load from the West Coast of the USA and can supply customers in Asia [Show]
27.07. (G) PC

PC Plattenreste gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
26.07. (A) PC

PC granulate off-grade natural c...

RP GR nature 7,500 kg 1.38 EUR Germany
We offer advantageous as remainder ca. 7 tons PC granulate offgrade natural. Price: 1,38 EUR/kg for min. 1 ton [Show]
24.07. (A) PC

PC Mahlgut mit Gummi

PrA MG colored 13 to - Germany
- Gummianteil < 0,2 % - ca. 13 t - in Big Bags auf Palette [Show]
23.07. (A) PC

PC ex Makrolon 2445/LED/HC glask...

SO MG crystal clear 500 kg - Germany
23.07. (A) PC

PC ex Makrolon 2405 Mahlgut schwarz

SO RG black 270 kg - Germany
PC Gebalon 10-141 black 
23.07. (A) PC

PC Gebalon 10-141 black

RC GR black 20,000 kg - Germany
PC Gebalon 10-141 black 100% Recycled PC Application: Technical injection molded parts MVR: ~10cm³/10min Vicat Softening temperature: ~141°C Colour Matching Price on Request [Show]
22.07. (A) PC


PCA BW blue 20 to - United States of America
PC BLUE 5 GALLON WATER BOTTLES CUT AND IN BALES Quality: The material is cut as shown in photos and bale; post industrial; no labels, no caps and no strips. Per photo. Shipment Date: Ships in January and then ongoing monthly. Price: MAKE A BID TODAY [Show]
PC Lexan 940 colored, regrind 
22.07. (A) PC

PC Lexan 940 colored, regrind

PrA MG colored 10,640 kg - Germany
We can offer: PC Lexan 940 colored regrind. The material comes from our own grinding: - properly processed - very good dusted - regularly available Quantity: 10.640 kg Packaging: big bag If you have any questions please contact us! [Show]
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