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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
26.10. (A) PC/ABS

Bayblend T45 grey, virgin material

OW GR grey 2.50 to - Germany
We can offer: PC-ABS Bayblend T45 virgin material in grey. The material is a remaining stock and in its original packaging (original bags). Quantity: 2,5 to. Packaging: original bags If you have any questions please contact us. [Show]
PC-ABS Bayblend T65 + TPE colored, regrind 
26.10. (A) PC/ABS

PC-ABS Bayblend T65 + TPE colore...

PrA MG colored 2.50 to 0.60 EUR Germany
We can offer: PC-ABS Bayblend T65 + TPE (ca. 3%) colored regrind. Quantity: 2,5 To. Packaging: oktabin If you have any questions please contact us! [Show]
24.10. (A) PC/ABS

PC/ABS Neuware Cycoloy C1000

OW GR grey 9,082.50 kg - Germany
22.10. (A) PC/ABS

PC/ABS Mahlgut grau mit FR

PrA MG grey 15,000 kg 0.02 EUR Poland
Zu anbieten haben wir Mahlgut PC?ABS grau aus dem Automotive. Mateial beinhaltet FR. Mengen ab 12 t, regelmssig. Die Ware ist rhältlich ab unbserem Lager in Wroclaw/ Polen. Angebot freibelibend, bis Vormaterialbestand reicht. Aktueller Bestand, [Show]
22.10. (G) PC/ABS


PrA MG other 50 to 0.65 EUR Czech Republic
For regular cooperation, we are looking for a reliable supplier of PC/ABS plastic regrind from post production. We are also interested in smaller quantities. [Show]
22.10. (A) PC/ABS

PC/ABS Recompound PALBLEND R45

SO RC nature 6,312 kg - Germany
19.10. (A) PC/ABS


SO CP black 11,600 kg - Germany
18.10. (A) PC/ABS

Bayblend T65 XF black

OW GR other 900 kg - Germany
PC/ABS [Show]
18.10. (A) PC/ABS

Pulse A35-105 MFI 17

OW GR black 50 kg - Germany
PC/ABS [Show]
18.10. (A) PC/ABS

Pulse A35-105 MFI 17

OW GR black 25 kg - Germany
PC/ABS [Show]
17.10. (G) PC/ABS

PC/ABS stocklots regrind - granu...

SO SO other - - Germany
PC/ABS stocklots wanted [Show]
17.10. (G) PC/ABS

PC ⁄ ABS Mahlgut wanted

PrA MG other - - Germany
14.10. (A) PC/ABS

PC ABS regranulat schwarz spritz...

PrA GR black 15,000 kg 0.01 EUR Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten stabile, regelmässige Mengen von PC ABS im regranulat schwarz, spritzguss. Ware verpackt in BB/oktabins, auf Paletten, ab unserem Lager in Wroclaw /Polen. Aktueller Bestand, PREIS, Verkaufs und Lieferbedingungen - auf [Show]
12.10. (A) PC/ABS

Bayblend T65 Natur

OW GR nature 9,000 kg - Germany
Originaware mit WPZ [Show]
PC/ABS unfilled colored, regrind 
09.10. (A) PC/ABS

PC/ABS unfilled colored, regrind

PrA MG colored 680 kg 0.50 EUR Germany
We can offer: PC/ABS unfilled flame retardant colored regrind. Quantity: 680 kg Packaging: Oktabin This is a remaining quantity and therefore a special price. If you have any questions please contact us. [Show]
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