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08.07. (A) PET

PET Regenerat schwarz amorph

RC GR black 24 to 0.41 EUR Germany
verpackt im BigBag MFR Wert kann als Prüfkriterium geliefert werden [Show]
PET-A schwarz, von Trays, von produktion, nur mahlgut !!!, u. 100 Tonnen monatlich. 
08.07. (A) A-PET

PET-A schwarz, von Trays, von pr...

PrA MG black 100 to - Poland
PET-A schwarz, von Trays, von produktion, nur mahlgut !!!, u. 100 Tonnen monatlich. [Show]
07.07. (A) PET

PET Rynite® 555BK 506

OW GR black 2 to 1.50 EUR Germany
Die Preisangaben verstehen sich grundsätzlich freibleibend bis zur Abschlussverhandlung einer Bestellung. Mahlgut, Regranulat, Abfälle und ggfs. auch Neuware, welche mit Handelsnamen versehen sind, stimmen in ihren technischen Werten nicht [Show]
06.07. (G) PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO transparent 200 to - Poland
The recycling company, operating on the plastics market since 2009 will purchase any amount of production waste of PET preforms and PET bottles. We are interested in clear transparent preforms monolayer, but please send us also offers for all other [Show]
03.07. (G) PET

PET trays

PrA BW transparent 100 to - Poland
We are looking for PET trays. Please send offers via email. [Show]
03.07. (A) PET

PET flakes colorful hot washed

PCA MG other 150 to 0.61 EUR Switzerland
We offer: 150t PET colored flakes ex Bodles hot washed [Show]
03.07. (G) A-PET

PET Preforms

PrA SO transparent - - Germany
We are looking for PET preforms monolayer preferably clear or already regrind material from these preforms. [Show]
PET regrind transparent ex preforms 
03.07. (A) PET

PET regrind transparent ex preforms

PrA SO nature - - Germany
PET-A regrind ex preforms, transparent, clear. We can supply regularly. Andreas Vogel Tel.: +49(0)5202-9935840 [Show]
PET Regrind blue 
03.07. (A) PET

PET Regrind blue

PrA SO blue 50 to - Germany
We have regrind ex preforms blue opak for sale. aprox. 50 to in big bags. Andreas Vogel Tel.: +49(0)5202-9935840 [Show]
02.07. (A) A-PET

PET A Fleakes Farbe Natur und Blau

PrA MG crystal clear - - Germany
Habe 100 Tonnen Monatlich zum Verkaufen.Alles gut Heizgewaschen. [Show]
PET 302 bottle grade - virgin material 
01.07. (A) PET

PET 302 bottle grade - virgin ma...

OW GR nature 22 to 0.93 EUR Germany
We offer bottle grade polyester chips, low heavy metal content, low content of acetaldehyde, good color value, stable viscosity. [Show]
01.07. (A) A-PET

PET dust mix colour

PrA PV colored - 0.03 EUR Poland
We can offer regularly a material from PET-preforms monolayer grinding. The material is clean and comes from production of PET preforms regrind. Price ex works : 30 EUR/MT [Show]
01.07. (A) G-PET


RC MG other 500 kg 0.65 EUR Germany
These prices are generally without engagement until the final negotiation of the order. Regrinds, repelletized materials, scraps and, where applicable, also first-class materials which are marked with trade names, do no longer correspond to the [Show]
Odpad PET - preforma i butelka, przemiały, płatki PET. 
29.06. (G) PET

Odpad PET - preforma i butelka, ...

PCA MG colored - - Poland
Witam, jeśli mają Państwo to proszę o przesłanie zdjęcia, ilości, i ceny? Zakupię każdą ilość poprodukcyjnego odpadu preformy i butelki, przemiały, płatki PET. Posiadamy wszelkie niezbędne pozwolenia związane z gospodarką odpadami.###Wystawiamy KPO [Show]
PET-A Granulat from Bottles - brown 
29.06. (A) A-PET

PET-A Granulat from Bottles - brown

RC GR brown 20 to 750.00 EUR Germany
We can deliver 20 tons per Color per Month. We deliver in green, blue and brown Transparent color see other offer. [Show]
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