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10.04. (A) SEBS


OW GR nature 22 to 2.50 EUR Slovakia
TPS-SEBS with the following properties: - 65 shA - MFI of 40 g/cm³ (190°C; 5kg) - Colour: natural [Show]
TPE elastomer, granulate 
08.04. (A) SEBS

TPE elastomer, granulate

OW GR nature 200 to - Poland
TPE, granulate, thermoplastic elastomer resulting from the combination of an elastomer phase (SBS, SEBS, SEPS, etc.) with a thermoplastic phase. High quality. TPE is used in the production of: toys household appliances gaskets tapes membranes handles [Show]
28.03. (A) SEBS

PTS-Thermoflex65.1A1 910002charc...

OW GR black 25.00 kg - Germany
14.03. (A) SEBS

Dryflex AM 70A206 B

OW GR nature 2,000 kg - Germany