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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
29.07. (G) ABS

BUY Kaufen ABS / ASA Regrind

PrA MG black 300 to 600.00 EUR Poland
we are looking for about ABS and ASA regrind Whatsapp:+48 662 779 626 [Show]
We are searching for production waste 
29.07. (G) PS

We are searching for production ...

PrA SO other - - Germany
For our processing we are looking for the following production waste: raw materials • PP, PE-HD, PE-LD • PC, PC / ABS, PMMA, PS, ABS • PA66, PA6 unreinforced both reinforced without FR Form of raw materials • Parts, Runners, [Show]
PS-HI regrind white injection 
29.07. (A) PS

PS-HI regrind white injection

PrA MG white 8 to - Germany
PS-HI regrind white injection grade Type: ALTECH PS A 1000/536 [Show]
28.07. (A) ASA

113528 - Regrind ex ASA LG - LI ...

PrA MG black 338 kg - Germany
28.07. (A) ASA

115683 - Regrind ex ASA Luran S7...

PrA MG black 219 kg - Germany
28.07. (G) XPS


SO SO other 88 to - Germany
XPS, EPS, PS [Show]
PA/ABS, PC/PET regrinds 
28.07. (A) ABS

PA/ABS, PC/PET regrinds

RC MG colored 10 to - Czech Republic
We can offer the following regrinds: • PA/ABS color mix 7 729kg • PC/PET black a color mix 1 973kg For more details please contact: Mr. Milan Kremr, Tel: +420 771 128 711, Mail: [Show]
ABS Extrusion Regrind 
28.07. (G) ABS

ABS Extrusion Regrind

RC MG colored 200 to - Czech Republic
We are looking a regular supplier of ABS Extrusion Regrind. Any colors, any quantity. Please, send your kindly offers to: Mrs. Marketa Smiskova, Tel: +420 603 580 997, Mail: [Show]
ABS Extrusion White Regrind 
28.07. (G) ABS

ABS Extrusion White Regrind

RC MG white - - Czech Republic
We are looking a regular supplier of ABS Extrusion White Regrind. Please, send you offers to: Mrs. Marketa Smiskova, Tel: +420 603 580 997, Mail: [Show]
SAN GF20 Black 
28.07. (A) SAN

SAN GF20 Black

PrA MG black 20 to 0.35 EUR Czech Republic
post industrial 20 tons per month 350 EUR/t EXW Velk? O?echov [Show]
28.07. (G) ABS

Cycolac HMG47MD natur 1H1000

OW GR nature 3 to - Germany
Urgently wanted! 3 to, gladly also more or less, alternatively in another color [Show]
28.07. (A) HIPS

HIPS Regranulat in schwarz

SO RG black 40 to - Germany
Regelmäßig verfügbar1-2 Lkw-Ladungen pro MonatPreise und Datenblatt gerne auf Anfrage [Show]
27.07. (A) MABS

MABS Terlux HD2802

OW GR crystal clear 2,750 kg 5.20 EUR Germany
Wir verkaufen Originalware Terlux HD2802 glasklar. Aktuell haben wir 2 Paletten im Original Lieferzustand bei uns auf Lager [Show]
27.07. (A) ASA

ASA Starex WR-9120 natur

OW GR nature 3,900 kg - Germany
Starex ASA WR-9120 natural Original product in sacks with WPZ [Show]
27.07. (A) ASA

ASA Luran S 757 R UV natur

OW GR nature 9,280 kg - Germany
Original goods packed in octabin with WPZ [Show]
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