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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
28.01. (A) PC

PC Compound PALSAFE P230

SO CP translucent 24 kg - Germany
28.01. (A) PC

PC granulate

RP GR nature 8,700 kg 1.65 EUR Germany
We offer advantageous as remainder ca. 8 tons PC granulate offgrade natural. Price: 1,65 EUR/kg for min. 1 ton [Show]
27.01. (A) PMMA

PMMA Mahlgut Spritzguss transparent

PrA MG transparent 3,300 kg - Switzerland
ex Quinn Acryl G 87 E UV 1 [Show]
Celanex 4302HS PBT 30% glass reinforced, black 
27.01. (A) PBT

Celanex 4302HS PBT 30% glass rei...

OW GR black 1,250 kg - Slovenia
30% glass-fiber, impact modified Celanex 4302HS is a 30% glass reinforced PBT designed for improved mold flow, warp resistance and surface appearance. [Show]
27.01. (G) PC

PC Plattenreste gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
27.01. (G) PMMA

PMMA Plattenreste gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
26.01. (A) POM

Hostaform C 27021 natural

RP GR nature 775 kg - Germany
26.01. (G) PBT

PBT regind wanted (with FR)

PrA MG other - - Germany
24.01. (A) POM


RP MG colored 17 to - United States of America
We can offer 1 combined 40' hc load of the following: Please let us know your interest in each item and we will then email photos and prices for you (need your CFR DESTINATION). You can mix whatever you like. Generally all are packed in bags. [Show]
24.01. (A) PC


PCA BW blue 20 to - United States of America
PC BLUE 5 GALLON WATER BOTTLES CUT AND IN BALES Quality: The material is cut as shown in photos and bale; post industrial; no labels, no caps and no strips. Per photo. Shipment Date: Ships in January and then ongoing monthly. Price: MAKE A BID TODAY [Show]
24.01. (G) PMMA

PMMA Plattenreste gesucht

PCA SO other 100 to - Germany
23.01. (A) PC

Regrind PC ex plates

PrA MG transparent 10,000 kg 0.05 EUR Poland
We have to offer regular quantities of regrind PC transparent glass clear ex plates. As load also regrind ex multi-wall sheets in color variants. Goods are subject to change from our warehouse in Wroclaw / Poland. Price and delivery conditions are [Show]
23.01. (A) PBT

Mlevec/maci/regrind PBT Ultradur...

PrA MG black 3.40 to - Slovenia
23.01. (A) PBT

PBT, Valox 325 M RD2 D206, Rot R...

OW GR red 225 kg - Germany
23.01. (A) POM

POM Formocon FM 090 natur

OW GR nature 3,375 kg 1.64 EUR Germany
1A-Ware mit WPZ in Säcken auf Palette [Show]
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