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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
06.08. (G) POM

POM Regrind Any Type any Colour

PrA RG colored 20,000 kg - Switzerland
POM Regrind Mix Colour or Natural / White Homo Copo Mix Ex Works offer [Show]
06.08. (G) PC

PC Mahlgut wanted

PrA MG other - - Germany
01.08. (G) PPE

PPE ohne GF gesucht

PrA MG other - - Germany
01.08. (G) PMMA

ABS-PMMA and PMMA-ABS wanted

PCA MG other 50 to - Germany
Post Production regrind [Show]
30.07. (G) PBT

Plastic Injection Parts with Met...

PrA SO other - - Germany
Regular purchase with intetesting prices if materials are seperated by plastic type [Show]
27.07. (G) PMMA

PMMA Plattenreste gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
27.07. (G) PC

PC Plattenreste gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
25.07. (G) PBT

PBT regind wanted (with FR)

PrA MG other - - Germany
24.07. (G) PMMA

PMMA Plattenreste gesucht

PCA SO other 100 to - Germany
20.07. (G) PC


RC MG white 22 to - Slovenia
We are looking for PC FR+GF white or light grey regrind. Please, send us your offers. [Show]
19.07. (G) POM

POM Mahlgut gesucht

PrA SO other 100 to - Germany
19.07. (G) PC

CD/DVD wanted

PCA SO other - - Germany
CD-DVD Scrap wanted [Show]
19.07. (G) PMMA

PMMA stocklots regrind-granules ...

SO SO other - - Germany
PMMA stocklots wanted [Show]
19.07. (G) PC

PC stocklots regind-granules wanted

SO SO other - - Germany
PC stocklots wanted [Show]
16.07. (G) POM

POM copo injection natur MFR 10-30

PrA MG nature - - Germany
We require >1MT spot or ongoing in 2020 POM copo regrind natural injection – MFR ca. 10-30 eg ex Hostaform c9021, c27021, c13021 or ex Ultraform N2320 or ex Kocetal K300 or ex Amcel KP 20 or ex Tenac 5010 or similar [Show]
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