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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
26.01. (G) PEEK

PEEK oddments

PrA SO nature - - Switzerland
all unfilled PEEK grades, in all shapes [Show]
26.01. (G) PA 12

PA12 scraps, rejects, regrind, p...

UB SO other - - Switzerland
all unfilled extrusion grades in all colours [Show]
26.01. (G) PA 11

PA11 scraps, rejects, regrind, p...

UB SO other - - Switzerland
extrusion grade, in all colours [Show]
TPE, granulate, natural, 75 ShA 
26.01. (A) TPE

TPE, granulate, natural, 75 ShA

OW GR nature 20,000 kg - Poland
Thermoplastic elastomer based on SEBS and polyolefins for injection molding, in natural color and 75 ShA hardness. Looking for a different type of elastomer, call or write. We will choose the material for your needs. [Show]
TPE pellets, 16 ShA, 
26.01. (A) TPE

TPE pellets, 16 ShA,

PrA PE translucent 24 to - Poland
TPE pellets, hardness: 16 ShA, color: translucent - greenish, definitely suitable for coloring. We have this material on regular basis of 24 t / m. Always the same quality. [Show]
TPE granulate, colour natural 
26.01. (A) TPE

TPE granulate, colour natural

OW PE nature 500 to - Poland
high quality TPE compound, pellets, based on SBS or SEBS. For different applications: medical (hoses, tubes, gloves, etc.), automotive (floor mats, cup holders, etc.), customer goods (toys, sports article, bicycle grips, food and cosmetics packages, [Show]
PVC soft, regranulate, black 
26.01. (A) PVC-w

PVC soft, regranulate, black

PrA RG black 20 to - Poland
PVC, black regranulate,hardness upon customer's request: 70 ShA, 75 ShA, 80 Sha, 85 ShA post-industrial clean input material,ongoing availability [Show]
TPE elastomer, granulate 
26.01. (A) SEBS

TPE elastomer, granulate

OW GR nature 200 to - Poland
TPE, granulate, thermoplastic elastomer resulting from the combination of an elastomer phase (SBS, SEBS, SEPS, etc.) with a thermoplastic phase. High quality. TPE is used in the production of: toys household appliances gaskets tapes membranes handles [Show]
26.01. (G) other

Looking for plastic scraps

SO SO other - - Austria
For our own production we are looking for plastic scraps. ABS,PS,PP,PE,PC,PA,POM,PVC,PET,.... parts, sheets, injection, boxes, palettes,... Also bales are possible. Mainly we are looking for post production scraps but also for used boxes, [Show]
25.01. (A) PVC


PrA BW other 100 to 0.18 EUR Belgium
I would like to inform you that we have an availability of PVC vinyl flooring, Post-industrial, for an ongoing basis. The material is free from contamination, you can find related pictures attached. [Show]
PS regranules 
25.01. (A) PS

PS regranules

RC GR yellow 200 to 0.55 EUR Belgium
Material: PS regranules Colour: Yellow Available Quantity: 200 MT a month Loading 40' container: 22MT-24MT [Show]
25.01. (G) ASA

ASA S778T schwarz

SO MG black 5 to - Germany
25.01. (G) PC/ABS

PC-ABS schwarz

SO MG black 20 to - Germany [Show]
25.01. (G) PEI

PEI unverstaerkt natur oder schw...

SO MG black 5 to - Germany [Show]
25.01. (G) PC

PC Extrusion bunt oder schwarz M...

SO MG black 20 to - Germany [Show]
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