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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
23.04. (G) PP


SO SO other 200 to - Germany
23.04. (A) PPS

Fotron 1140L4 nature, virgin mat...

OW GR nature 1 to - Germany
We can offer: Fortron 1140L4 nature virgin material in its original bags. Quantity: 1 to. Packaging: original bags If you have any questions please contact us. [Show]
PPSU Radel R-7159 white, regrind 
23.04. (A) PPSU

PPSU Radel R-7159 white, regrind

PrA MG white 3,690 kg - Germany
We can offer: Radel R-7159 white regrind. Quantity: 3.690 kg Packaging: oktabin If you have any questions please contact us. [Show]
23.04. (A) PA 6.6

PA 6.6/6 GF30 black, virgin mate...

OW GR black 890 kg - Germany
We can offer: PA 6.6/6 GF30 virgin material - Anjacom PA 6.6/6 R195-H-GF30 in black The material is a remaining stock with certificate. Quantity: 890 kg Packaging: original bags If you have any further questions please contact us. [Show]
23.04. (A) PBT

PBT Recompound PALDUR R15 GF30

SO RC black 24,000 kg - Germany
23.04. (G) PET

PET Mahlgut Farbe Transparent.

RP MG transparent 200 to - Germany
Suche zum kauf PET A, PET G, PET GAG. bis 200 Tonnen Monatlich. [Show]
23.04. (A) PE

We can granulate or grind materi...

SO SO other - - Poland
We are recycling company and can re-granulate or produce regrind for you from your own materials. We have Gamma Meccanica machines and offer good quality and best price! [Show]
23.04. (G) LLD-PE

Industrial/Production waste of L...

PrA SO other 24 to - Poland
We are looking for industrial / production waste of LLDPE films in natural transparent colour without imprints. [Show]
23.04. (G) PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO transparent 200 to - Poland
The recycler operating on the plastics market since 2009 will purchase any amount of production waste of PET preforms and PET bottles. We are interested in clear transparent preforms monolayer and aso in green, blue, white and other colours. But [Show]
23.04. (G) PET


PrA SO other - - Poland
We are looking for PET preforms monolayer. All colours. [Show]
23.04. (G) LLD-PE

We are looking for LLDPE films

PrA SO nature 10 to - Poland
We are still looking for industrial waste of LLDPE films. Preferably on rolls or in bales. Only clear transparent without imprints. [Show]
22.04. (A) PP

PP RTP 199 X 109310

OW GR nature 10,200 kg 2.82 EUR Germany
PP-Compounds with Long Fiber glass. [Show]
22.04. (A) PA 6

PA6 GF Akromid B 3 GF 30 1 schwarz

OW GR black 175 kg 3.18 EUR Germany
Description: AKROMID B3 GF 30 1 black is a 30% black glass fiber reinforced, heat stabilized polyamide 6 with high rigidity and strength. Applications are mainly components in mechanical engineering and in the automotive industry. Additive: Heat [Show]
22.04. (A) PA 6

Armamid PA6-GF30 black

OW CP black 500 kg 1.99 EUR Germany
Alukaschierte Säcke, schlagzähmodifiziertes PA6 GF30 für Spritzguß [Show]
22.04. (A) Masterbatch

Masterbatch POM-Tekolen RAL 3020...

OW GR red 25 kg 25.53 EUR Germany
Masterbatch POM-Tekolen RAL 3020 Traffic red [Show]