Tinuvin XT 833


40 kg
Virgin material

Origin application

Tinuvin® XT 833 from Ciba/BASF is a hindered amine derivative. It is a high performance light stabilization system that provides excellent weather resistance to PVC and PVC blends. The main advantage of Tinuvin XT 833 over the traditional ultraviolet absorbers commonly added to PVC for outdoor use is its excellent retention of color and physical properties. It is particularly used for applications such as PVC roofing sheeting, PVC pond, pool and irrigation liners, PVC coated fabrics such as those used in tents, tarpaulins and awnings, flexible PVC outdoor furniture, PVC flooring, PVC Recommended for automotive trim and other outdoor flexible PVC applications. It can also be used in rigid PVC formulations, especially those that do not contain tin mercaptide thermal stabilizers. Some of the applications include dark colored PVC siding and pigmented window and door profiles.

Date of manufacture: 2007

Spoken languages
German, English

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