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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
08.07. (G) PA 12

PA12 scraps, rejects, regrind, p...

UB SO other - - Switzerland
all unfilled extrusion grades in all colours [Show]
08.07. (G) PA 11

PA11 scraps, rejects, regrind, p...

UB SO other - - Switzerland
extrusion grade, in all colours [Show]
08.07. (G) PEEK

PEEK oddments

PrA SO nature - - Switzerland
all unfilled PEEK grades, in all shapes [Show]
08.07. (G) XPS

XPS post production, off grade i...

UB SO other 66 to - Germany
post production, off grade in any forms,brickets; rolls, lumps, bales,ingots, , compacted block etc. [Show]
08.07. (G) EPS

EPS blocks/briquettes/ingots whi...

PrA SO other 75 to - Germany
EPS/XPS blocks/briquettes/ingots white/blue/purple/black from packaging/industry [Show]
07.07. (G) POM

POM Regrind Any Type any Colour

PrA RG colored 20,000 kg - Switzerland
POM Regrind Mix Colour or Natural / White Homo Copo Mix Ex Works offer [Show]
07.07. (G) PSU

PSU P1700 natur gesucht

PrA MG nature - - Germany
07.07. (G) PC

PC Mahlgut wanted

PrA MG other - - Germany
07.07. (G) PLA

PLA stocklots wanted

RP GR other 50 to - Germany
Virgin or repro paletts [Show]
07.07. (G) PPSU

PPSU in natur ⁄ bernstein ...

PrA MG nature - - Germany
07.07. (G) PA

Plastic Injection Parts with Met...

PrA SO other - - Germany
Regular purchase if seperated. Interesting prices! [Show]
07.07. (G) PS/Alu

PS-ALU gesucht

PrA BW other - - Germany
06.07. (G) PET

PET bottles & preforms

PrA SO transparent 200 to - Poland
The recycling company, operating on the plastics market since 2009 will purchase any amount of production waste of PET preforms and PET bottles. We are interested in clear transparent preforms monolayer, but please send us also offers for all other [Show]
05.07. (G) PEEK

PEEK gesucht

PrA SO other - - Germany
Bitte alles anbieten.Vor allem gesucht:PEEK 450 G NaturalPEEK 150GL30PEEK CA30PEEK 90GL30 [Show]
05.07. (G) HD-PE

HDPE film

PrA SO other - - Poland
We are looking for production waste of HDPE films in clear or bright color. The material should be imprintsfree or have 40% of imprints or less. It would be much appreciated if the material had thickness about 40 microns. Please send us your offers [Show]
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