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Note Date O/R Material Title Type Form Color Quantity €/KG Country
19.10. (A) PA 6

Domamid 6 G50 UV1 BK Near to pri...

RP GR black 2 to - Germany
PA 6 GF 50 original Bags [Show]
10.04. (A) PA 6.6

PA66/PA6GF mix Mahlgut für ...

PrA MG other 10,000 kg 0.53 EUR Poland
Zu anbieten haben wir PA66/PA6GF gemisch, Mahlgut mix f. schwarz. Die Ware wird ab unserem Lager in Wroclaw/ Polen, in BB auf Paletten. Aktuleller Bestand, Ferticungstermine, Varkaufs- und Lieferbedingungen - bitte direkt erfragen. [Show]
10.04. (A) SEBS


OW GR nature 22 to 2.50 EUR Slovakia
TPS-SEBS with the following properties: - 65 shA - MFI of 40 g/cm³ (190°C; 5kg) - Colour: natural [Show]
10.04. (G) PA 6


OW GR nature 200 kg - Germany
10.04. (A) ABS

ABS schwarz

RC GR black 3,000 kg 0.98 EUR Germany
Spritzguss MFI 16-20 [Show]
10.04. (A) PC/ABS

PC ABS Mahgut mix f schwarz

RC MG other 4,000 kg - Poland
Wir haben zu anbieten eine Partie cca 4 t des MAhlgutes PC ABS mix für schwarz. Wird erhältlich freibleibend ab unserem Lager in Wroclaw Polen. Einzellheiten: Preis, Verkaufs und Lieferbedingungen -bitte direkt erfragen. [Show]
10.04. (G) PA 6.6

TECHNYL A 218G V30 natur

OW GR nature 5,000 kg - Germany
10.04. (A) PA 6

Durethan® AKV 35 H, Regranulat

RC GR black 40,000 kg 2.20 EUR Germany
. [Show]
10.04. (A) PA 6

Durethan® AKV 50 H, Regranulat

RC GR black 40,000 kg 2.20 EUR Germany
. [Show]
10.04. (A) PC/ABS

Bayblend T65 Natur

OW GR nature 10,000 kg - Germany
Bayblend T65 Natur XF [Show]
Glass granules 4-7mm 
10.04. (A) other

Glass granules 4-7mm

RC MG nature 20 to - Turkey
transparent/painted/original [Show]
SAN GF20 Black 
10.04. (A) SAN

SAN GF20 Black

PrA MG black 20 to 0.35 EUR Czech Republic
post industrial 20 tons per month 350 EUR/t EXW Velk? O?echov [Show]
PET-A, transparent flakes 
10.04. (A) A-PET

PET-A, transparent flakes

PrA MG transparent 40 to - Czech Republic
We can offer regularly 2 truck/month. Packaging: BigBags We can offer the same material in transparent light blue color. Regularly 2 trucks/month. [Show]
10.04. (G) PC/ABS


PrA MG other 50 to 0.65 EUR Czech Republic
For regular cooperation, we are looking for a reliable supplier of PC/ABS plastic regrind from post production. We are also interested in smaller quantities. [Show]
10.04. (G) PP/EPDM


PrA MG other 20 to 0.40 EUR Czech Republic
We are looking for a reliable supplier of PP/EPDM plastic regrind for regular cooperation. We are also interested in smaller quantities. [Show]
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